Matt Kahn on Loneliness, November 10th, 2019

November 10, 2019,

Loneliness is the building block of infamy. When perceived from the lens of unresolved pain and density, loneliness can lead to reaching out to others unconsciously by projecting the desired comfort of companionship onto those who have not chosen us to the degree we may have chosen them.

From this degree of loneliness, an entire spectrum of predatorial patterning is expressed, from competition and judgment, all the way to the most unconscionable actions of obsession, manipulation, domination, abuse and cruelty.

As unprocessed pain is healed, we are no longer ‘hurt people’ hiding from our wounds by hurting others.

Instead, we move to the opposite side of infamy where, in loneliness, we find our most reliable companion in the implementation and embodiment of our highest potential. This means its impossible to keep score of who enters or exits your reality while you make the most courageous and inspiring choices you were born to embrace—at the same time.

Even when toxic partnerships come and go, your loneliness is not due to someone’s disappearance, but how such a person was used to avoid spending time with the potential only you can bring to life.

As the companionship of your highest potential becomes an intimate friendship, instead of a foreign encounter, the building block of infamy that loneliness gave you space to nurture ushers into reality the gifts, creations, and contributions you incarnated to share for the inspiration of all.

This means you are not lonely because you are too big for others, shining too brightly, or more broken than others can handle. You are lonely because life is giving you the proper amount of time and space to cultivate your genius in service of a world you came to transform.

All For Love,