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Ascension Symptoms | Matt Kahn, November 28th, 2023

Ascension Symptoms | Matt Kahn

by Matt Kahn

One of our beloved All Access members asked a very pertinent question about “ascension symptoms” in our community forum, which sparked an answer that intuitively feels like it would be helpful for many of you at this moment—so I wanted to share my response to their question with you here:

Ascension symptoms are often signs of profound transmutation occurring in each person in service toward a greater collective shift.

Currently, as a means of minimizing any escalation of conflict around the world, this week has been a profound time of compromised immune system function and lots of swoopy energy for many. This may include moving back and forth between Dark Night of the Soul sensations and moments of spontaneous expansion. It has also been affecting people’s sleep and digestive systems.

As lightworkers, we are clearing greater internal space for higher frequencies of light to be integrated and embodied as a means of furthering a tipping point toward collective peace without a need for escalations of conflict to bring our world together into unity.

Humanity is currently choosing which timeline will end 2023 and begin 2024. Whether aware of it or not, as lightworkers, we are working in direct accordance with the higher realms to further the shifts that are available in this open space of possibility.

While it has been an intense time, we are indeed ushering in a new humanity. The question remains: “Which timeline will we individually and collectively take to get there?” This is the work we are all doing successfully through our willingness to move through it from as open of a space as we may authentically allow.

I will certainly go into greater detail on timelines at the upcoming event, Together As One: Accessing the Unity Timeline in 2024. This event, of course, is included in the All Access membership.

As a supportive resource for any of you who may be experiencing any degree of intensified clearing or transmutation recently, I invite you to view our new video, Loving the Way You Are. It is a recording of a transmission from our recent live tour that holds a frequency which will be highly beneficial in soothing any processes that may be consciously or unconsciously moving through your experience.

All for Love,