Love is our new reality

It’s Going to be ok | Matt Kahn, July 26th, 2022

It’s Going to be ok | Matt Kahn

I greet you on this most beautiful day to let you know, it’s going to be okay.

All of it. Even if you haven’t a clue where things are headed or how good can possibly come out of the way things appear, I assure you, with love as our guide – it’s all a gateway into greater realities.

In fact, everything is unfolding so precisely according to the Divine plan, it’s even okay to have feelings you may be too afraid to face.

When you are afraid to face your feelings, it just means you are apprehensive about being overwhelmed by emotions that are difficult to feel. Maybe such feelings remind you of moments in life when there was hardship, heartache, neglect, confusion, cruelty, betrayal, or even abandonment?

Life is so inherently flawless, even when emotions get suppressed, the Universe gently moves you one step closer to cultivating the strength and courage to face your feelings directly.

This is why experiences repeat. We all get it perfect in the end.

My purpose is to support and lovingly guide you through the process — every step of the way. No instinct you have is ever wrong, if it’s right for you right now.

Welcome home beloved one. You are safe here just as you are.

All for Love,