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Matt Kahn: The Truth About Resistance, July 20, 2020

Matt Kahn: The Truth About Resistance

by Matt Kahn

Absolutely nothing occurs in your reality as a result of resistance. What many perceive as a resistance to change is a process of gaining necessary amounts of experience to transform “I don’t know what to do” into “I’ve been here before and my familiarity allows me to trust the process I am in.”

This is why everything happens exactly as it does: to provide you with the gift of experience, allowing you to inevitably feel so safe throughout the churning waves of change that you are able to be fully aware through each up, down, gain, and loss so that you can receive the wisdom each outcome or encounter is bringing to your attention. 

Many have imagined, “if I can hurry up and be fully aware of the wisdom being shown to me, or learn this lesson as quickly as possible, I wouldn’t have to feel this way anymore.” Can you see the pure innocence in that notion? We’re merely turning a tendency of blame onto ourselves, whenever discomfort is interpreted as a punishment, instead of an indication of a fierce reward of experiences gained.

The mantra of this depth of victimhood is “if only this happened, I would be so much better off right now.” When the very thing not happening continues not to happen, it is common to conclude that something must be ‘wrong’ with you. Not even this indicates resistance to anything whatsoever; you’re not resisting the wisdom life is preparing you to receive. It just simply isn’t time for the insights or opportunities you sense are coming. 

Like seeds being nurtured once planted in place, everything growing within you needs time to mature as a result of whatever degree of circumstances come your way. If you tried to teach multiplication to a new-born baby, the baby wouldn’t grasp the depth of the subject matter. Not because of resistance, but because it hasn’t yet gained enough experience to know the language and all it will surely convey in a journey of growth and expansion.

When you realize that resistance is never a reason for why things are the way they are, you are able to humbly bow to one of your fiercest teachers and allies, which is the dimension of time. The experience of those who authentically have experienced time disappearing, or even sensing time having no tangible existence is due to the depth of experience gained throughout a threshold of time.

No matter why you think things come and go as they do, it is the consciousness of your highest self masquerading as spans of time that ensure you gain the necessary depth of experiences required in order to see what only you are meant to see, at exactly the point you are meant to see it. Does someone die because they resisted life? Not at all. They crossed over at the exact moment they gained every moment of experience needed to move on to the next level of expansion.

Does someone struggling through life have a harder path because of resistance? No such thing. They are simply making the same pattern of choices, as self-defeating as it may seem, until a depth of experience instills in them enough mindfulness, awareness, and self-reflection to be able to make more empowered courageous choices moving forward.

Does anyone feel fear because of something being resisted? Nope. Fear is the sensation of your nervous system feeling unsafe in unknown realities, which is exactly why the gift of experience comes to escort you beyond the threshold of doubt, denial, and indecision.

And perhaps, the reason why so many people can’t seem to overcome the resistance they feel is because: you can’t overcome a resistance that doesn’t exist. You are not resisting anything. You are gaining life skills of infinite degrees of self-awareness. Once instilled with the experiences you are being given, each sensation of shutting down reverses its gravitational hold to become the blossoming grace of opening up. 

Resistance is merely a way evolving spiritual beings have been trained to admonish themselves and others by interpreting life’s journey from a rigid scholastic view of reward or punishment: if it feels good, it must be some sort of reward. 

If it feels like a reward, I guess I did something right. If it doesn’t feel like a reward, it could only be a punishment. If it feels like a punishment, there must have been something I did wrong to bring this upon myself. This subconscious deduction is the silent language of abuse. Even when projected upon you by others, resistance to change is not causing this behavior.

Whether others are abusing you, you are abusing others, or even if you are abusing yourself, such behavior indicates a lack of experience as the source of human suffering. This is why we forgive…not as a form of forgetting or pretending everything is okay, but asking the Universe to bless those who hurt so deeply they project their pain inward or outward, so the gift of experience can transform the way they think, perceive, respond, and choose.

In the heart of forgiveness, we thank the Universe for giving us exactly the combinations of experiences needed to become an even more incredible expression of our highest potential. While imagination may envision ways it could have been easier, if only you or anyone else were somehow different, in the end you will see that in order to be who you were born to become — life couldn’t have happened any other way.

May this wisdom allow you to, first and foremost, be easy with yourself as you undergo the process of gaining the experiences your innocence requires. As being kind to yourself becomes more familiar instead of foreign, you will be able to be more compassionate with others, without being an emotional doormat for anyone to wipe their feet on. 

Even when the mistreatment of your heart reminds you of boundaries you need to create, the reactions of others shows you their lack of experience of being alone, which causes them to feel rejected by your boundaries instead of grateful for the choices that, if supporting your well-being, can only support their evolving maturity as well.

Bless the heart of any being who, when holding space for you or others, projects an assumption of resistance onto experiences that are not ready to shift. It simply reveals someone else’s lack of experience being triggered by the sacred process you are in. It cannot be rushed, fast-tracked, negotiated, or outrun. It can only be faced, as openly as you are capable of being– knowing you will surely be more open than ever before, just as soon as the gift of experience is done shaping you into the masterpiece of life’s highest vision.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn