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Intuitive Update | Matt Kahn, January 15th, 2024

Intuitive Update | Matt Kahn


January 2024 offers incredible opportunities of expansion and forward movement as we focus on cultivating clear communication and more empowered decision-making due to a more obvious split in timelines.

Such a divergence brings into our awareness how a percentage of the world is destined to awaken more fully this year, while another percentage will remain steadily asleep in order to build the appropriate amount of pressure required for a more expansive global awakening to blossom.

Let us remember, these timeline splits are not a literal rapture where you risk moving into a higher version of Earth as loved ones are left behind to scramble and suffer. In reality, even when you move into a higher timeline while those around you remain in lower timelines by comparison, each person always plays a role in the evolution of another.

One who awakens first acts as a sneak preview of where another person is headed on a vibrational level. Those making their way at a slower rate of speed give those moving at a more quickened rate the opportunity to engage with patterns they have previously outgrown and are continuing to integrate.

As an orbiting theme of January 2024, now is the time to be in relationship with who people are right now, instead of treating them like a long-term investment you are eager to see pay off.

If someone’s behavior feels disrespectful, the Universe invites you to take the time and summon the courage to share your experience, instead of simply ghosting them. While you can’t force someone to see the “forest for the trees,” you can remind them of the importance of self-respect by respecting yourself in their presence by the way you choose to communicate.

If this has been attempted and nothing changes, then the energies of January 2024 invite a more deliberate step forward. Again, it might not be necessary to completely remove them from your life. Instead, you could create a more powerful intention to gracefully conclude interactions when their behavior feels more like a projection than a respectful exchange.

While you may dream of the day of being surrounded by those of like-mind and like-heart, there is a purpose to having those in your life where creating healthy boundaries is required.

Many evolving individuals find frustration in repeatedly explaining their truths to family members who are growing at a slower pace and tend to be self-focused. Perhaps you are surrounded by people who seem uninterested in remembering details about others. This situation can be an invitation for those with a broader awareness to let go of past attachments by approaching each interaction as if it’s a brand new conversation.

While no one is meant to deliberately live like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day,” each reoccurring scene of interaction offers you a chance to say the same words with more direct clarity, deeper relaxation in the body, and conveyed in a way that demonstrates awareness and loving-kindness for all involved.

With January 2024 being a month to step into a greater embodiment of empowerment and awareness, there is always a gift to be received—even around those evolving at a seemingly slower rate—without having to “people-please and appease” those who only know how to connect through acts of disrespect.

May your heart remain open to the compassionate awareness of how differently we all grow together, while honoring the role each person plays in helping you expand.

This is true even when how someone helps you is by acting in such a self-serving way that you must release attachment to how much time you may have invested in their potential, creating greater distance so you are no longer a distraction to the pain they avoid and take out on others.

While the Universe will never tell you who must stay or go, let us be more decisive and clear in our communication, instead of avoiding these inevitabilities.

As further support for your journey, and to navigate the energies of 2024 and beyond with alignment, connection, and grace, I invite you to view this new video for a deeper intuitive dive into the energies presenting themselves in 2024.

No matter which role another person plays or however you are seen by others, each heart is here to be loved for the courage it takes to live, breathe, grow, and evolve along a unique journey of time and space.

Whether you are called to lean into specific connections or inspired to create greater space between your heart and another, it can all be expressed with clarity and respect, as a way of honoring every being as aspects of divinity evolving in form.

Let us take each moment—one choice, one breath, and one “I love you” at a time, allowing space for the Universe to orchestrate unexpected miracles for the sovereignty, rebirth, and expansion of all.

All for life. All for light. All for Love,