Love is our new reality

Andromedans via Zane, August 1st, 2021



Dearest Ones,

We are the Andromedans. We come forth as a collective today, to share and impart wisdom. As the one Zane attunes and remembers our frequency, we will begin to step forth in a more individual expression. For now, what is important is the message, not the sender.

The image that has been shared, one we have assisted in creating, is to help you remember. It is to assist you in remembering and recognising your light within. For just as your Sun is a reflection of your light within, we are now amplifying this to you, as you observe the image.

You must remember your light within. You must acknowledge your true essence, that of creation.

We see in this moment, many of you getting caught up in the drama unfolding. We see you becoming too involved with the various situations playing out, and this is not healthy for your energy and vibration. There comes a point where you all must detach from the drama and its seeming chaos. For dear ones, the chaos is not for you. The chaos is intended for the deep sleepers, the ones who are destined to wake up, but are still deep within the illusion.

We ask you now, to please step back.

Those of you who are well awake and aware, must focus your energy on the positive. You must focus on expanding and reflecting your light within, just as the image shows. It is now up to you, on the forefront of this grand shift, to let the illusion fade from your consciousness, to then draw in all the beauty that is to be created.

You need not fight dear ones, for it is now up to the deep sleepers to awaken and remember. It is now up to the general population to step forth from their slumber and see the illusion for what it is.

We send this message with some urgency, as you must be grounded and anchored in your truth as the masses prepare to awaken.

Truths are ready to be announced, and it is those who are asleep, that will be triggered the most.

We ask now that you return to your inner world, the place where your truth resides, the place where your unconditional love is eternal and encompassing. For you will need to draw on this to help your fellow brothers and sisters.

The time is nigh dear ones. The moments you have all be preparing for. The moments you came here for.

We ask now that you return to your place of love and compassion. We ask that you leave the fight. For the fight will now begin for those who are to awaken, and you all must be prepared.

You have all fought the fight well, but it is not required of you anymore. You must be grounded in your truth, love and compassion. The fight no longer serves you, it shall serve those who come after you.

The way you serve in this moment is by coming together in unity and peace. Come together to share love and wisdom, not information about this or that. You have been there and done that. It helps to stay informed, but not involved. We will say again –

It helps to stay informed, but not involved.

You have already moved through this, so it no longer serves you to become involved. Your love, compassion and forgiveness is what matters now. Return to your light dear ones. Remember your light within. Remember who you are at your core. Your truth, light and love. This is what will carry you through the coming days. This is what will lift you up and in turn, lift up all around you.

The fight is yours no more. Lay your weapons down. Instead, shine your light to those that are about to pick up their weapons.

We are the Andromedans. We ask that you ponder the above images, as they will greatly assist you to return within. The time has come, to shine your light brighter and farther than ever before. We are here now to help amplify your efforts.

Love, blessings and thanks from our Galaxy.