Love is our new reality

The Ascended Master via Krista, July 29th, 2021

For we are The Ascended Masters, our mission is to work together.  Through times like these we give you guidance to successfully operate in modern ways.  If you want to get help from outside resources, don’t fret.  We as The Ascended Masters will prepare for you much joy.  If you are looking outside yourself you will find that things are upside down.  When you turn inward you will know that thing are most definitely perfect.  Our mission is for those on Earth to understand that they hold the power within themselves.  Why do you seek someone else?  Why do you look to outside news?  Why do you Google something?  Why don’t you just trust yourself.  When we see you questioning everything, know that we wish you to stop.  We wish you to say… I feel this in my heart, I do not need to search outside of myself.  Trust your own gut instinct as #1.  Nobody can compare to your own sense of knowing.  Developed withinside your body are receptors, they guide your being.  You do not need to get outside influences.  You will be guided through everything you do.  Trust yourself as #1.  It’s imperative that we get you to trust.  Trust yourself so much that you are willing to go to unfamiliar places.  If you are guided to do such, then there is a reason.  If you get the thought but it’s so crazy say…  Hey man, I got that thought.  I didn’t get that thought, just for no reason.  I didn’t get that thought out of the blue.  I got that thought because the angels placed it in my head.  They are guiding me.  Think your mind is racing, it may be.  But in the stillness what do you hear.  In your quiet moments where do you go?  Where do you get away?  We’ll talk to you in your quiet moments.  Think you are getting a thought but you are not sure it is from us.  What we would recommend is to sit with it, lay down on it.  If the thought is there in the morning it was from us.  If you are waking up thinking about something more than likely we have placed the thoughts in your dreams.  Our society is so busy that you don’t know how to tune in.  In your quiet moments what are you hearing?  You don’t realize it’s us.  So you can think it’s your own thought, but does that thought feel good to you, or is it ill.  Follow only the good feeling thoughts.  If you don’t pick up that we are talking to you just do what feels good.  Our greatest wish is for you to understand that we are always with you, never, never, never alone.

Our path for each of you is of great importance.  We prepare the way for your heart and mind to expand.  There is a great upleveling being done.  We want the humans of planet Earth to reach higher vibrations.  We guide you to overcome any obstacles standing along the highway.  Never fret because in your world you can control your vibrations.  When you are happy you will propel forward.  When you are grumpy you will stay low.  Know that happiness is the key to everything.  All we want for you now is to find your inner strength.  Where is that voice coming from.  Is my imagination taking me places, or am I being led. Tune into it, seek out the joy in the thought, raise your vibration, tune out the negative.  Ignore what does not make you happy.  You will get led where you need to go.  You will find a better path.  If you trust us, we will guide you.  Trust and seek happiness.  All we wish for you is many moments of laughter and delight.  When you are in tune you will find that things show up for you.  You will find that opportunities will present themselves.  Seek the path that brings you everlasting abundance.  To receive such abundance requires faith, happiness, and positive thinking.  Keep your spirits high, don’t wallow.  Go about your day thinking only pure thoughts.  You will find that everlasting wealth will reach your wallet.

If you want to know more why don’t you ask our dear one for her thoughts.  She will pass on messages of guidance.  If you are reading this know you were guided.  Know that we want you to reach your full potential.  What we ask now is that you quiet your mind, trust your heart, and lean into your own knowing.  In time you will be able to communicate with us in such a fashion.  Energetically you all are divinely aware that you have this spiritual connection, we are just reminding you.  As The Ascended Masters we wish you a good day.  Know that we are always with you, our beloved children.  You are doing the work on the ground while we guide you from above.  It is in your best interest to be happy, stay positive, and seek the joy out of every situation.  Our blessings, goodnight.

(Channeled Message on July 29, 2021)



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