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Angel Guides via Angel Skog March 2nd, 2019

Angel Guides via Angel Skog

March 2nd, 2019


Dearly beloved souls.

No matter what happens around and within you, we are here as close as we have been close to each other in God’s unconditional arms.

It is no small task you have taken on, to descend in frequency and to visit the earth with its three-dimensional experiences.

The journey has been long and lined with pain, suffering and hard work.

Many of you have lost yourselves to then find your way home again.

And yet if you learned your lessons, you still have a heavy backpack of unresolved energies to transform.

We see and feel your frustration.

And the hopelessness that sometimes makes itself known, along with sorrow and a longing for freedom and ascension.

There is nothing we wish for more than your happiness and joy and we ask you to feel sincerely in your hearts how we stand here close to you.

Talk to us, pray to us, feel us, see us and remember that we are here for you.

Our love is the true love, the pure love – the unconditional love that flows through EVERYTHING that exists and does not exist.

It is your love and your true nature.

Let us remind you of it in your most joyous moments as well as in your toughest moments.

Stretch out your angel wings, open your hearts and receive your own truth through us, we angels who serve you unconditionally, with joy.

// Angel guides



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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