Love is our new reality

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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, December 1st

Today we would like to focus your attention on the illusion of time in your reality. Many of you have lived your whole lives allowing “time” to dictate your every day. But know that time is manmade, it isn’t “real” it is an illusion. Many of you are experiencing time warps as you begin to play more deliberately with time. You will notice that there are times where you experience a rapid passing of” time”; you often wonder where all the “time went”. There are other times where it may feel as though “time” has literally stopped. This contrast in the experience of time will become more evident as you begin to deliberately create time in a more productive manner.  Allow us to further explain.

It is a common belief that you only have so much time in a day, or that you are allotted only so much time on Earth, or that all good things come to those who wait. Your entire lives revolve around the illusion of time. Yes, all days have 24 hours however how this time is experienced is drastically different.  It depends on the person perceiving the day. This is why some days fly by, while others seem to never end. Years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds are all manmade. None of them truly exist.

From our perspective, time is simply a marker. We use time in a very different manner than those of you in the 3rd and 4thdimensions. An analogy which we will use to help explain time from our perspective is how you use page numbers in a book. You can use the page numbers to find the experience you want to focus on; however you are free to flip back and forth through the book to whatever page you would like to read. This is very similar to how we use time. We are free to go back and forth into the “past” and the “future” but if we would like to focus our attention on a particular event, we use time as a marker to find the experience we would like to devote some of our attention to. We say “some” because unlike in your reality, all of our attention is never 100% focused on any one “time” or any one reality. We choose to experience a multi-dimensional reality. You of course are all multi-dimensional beings as well, however you are choosing to focus your attention so intensely upon just one reality that you cannot see all of the others that exist right along side of the one you are perceiving. You all have the ability to move back and forth through time right now, however your beliefs say that you cannot.

Many of you have experienced the quickening of time.   It appears that “time” in a sense is speeding up, or rather the illusion of it is disintegrating. The effect that this will have on many of you as you continue to vibrate higher is more freedom to manipulate time. Time, just like anything else in your reality is malleable. It is your creation and therefore you are free to direct it any way you choose. Time is indeed very flexible.   Proof of “time’s” flexibility can be seen when you are doing something that you absolutely love, time seems to fly by; while other times when you are involved in an activity that you dislike you feel time drag by. This is directly related to how fast, or how slow you are choosing to vibrate. The faster that you vibrate, the less “time” is felt.

You can begin to practice your ability to manipulate time in your everyday life. You may be running late for a meeting and if you are playing by the “rules” of the 3rd dimension it would be quite impossible to get to your meeting on time, so why not adjust time to your needs by seeing yourself arrive exactly on time? You will be amazed at just how well this works. Your whole reality will shift in order to get you to your destination “on time”. Traffic lights may all be green, no one else is on the road, traffic suddenly clears up; all of this is possible. In fact many of you already use your ability to manipulate time, however oftentimes you create “not enough time” and you find yourselves simply never having enough time to “do” all of the tasks you must get done. Manipulating time for your benefit will take some practice but it most certainly is achievable and will become a regular tool that you can rely on in your everyday lives. By believing and truly knowing that time is an illusion and it simply is yet another one of your many creations in your perceived reality; you will be able to bend time so that it will work for you and not against you.

We often hear so many say that there is “not enough time in a day”; to this we smile because there is always an abundance of everything that you will ever need. You live in an infinitely abundant Universe.  The lack of anything is an illision. The compression of time that you are feeling is allowing you to remove yourself from the limitation of time. Haven’t you noticed that with each passing year, it seems to go by faster and faster? Many say that time goes by much faster as you get older. This in one sense is true, but not because you are older; but because as “time is passing” it is speeding up. As all of you are continuing to increase your vibrations more deliberately through your focus upon things that please you, things that bring you peace of mind, you are watching in amazement just how fast time is flying by. Time, just like everything else in your reality is molded by you; the only difference now is that you are aware of your ability to shift time to serve your needs, not the other way around.

We hope that this message has in some way helped you. Until next “time”.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.