Love is our new reality

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The Council of Radiant Light via Ailia Mira, December 1st

Greetings, Divine Ones,

Today we want to play with words. We want to play with words in a way that we hope will give you a glimpse of a very useful insight. Today we want to offer an idea about what is happening and how it is going on in your world and your life. We think this might benefit you in more fully grasping the reins of your power and, therefore, your capacity.

There is the word we would like to use about what is happening, and it is one that is often used, but there’s another word that’s often used too, and we’d like to talk about our preferences here and explain why we have them. The word we would use to talk about what is happening in your life and your world is the word: shift. The word we would not use, and we’d like to point out why it might be problematic for some of you is: transformation.

What you’re experiencing in your life can look and feel like transformation. We get that. From a physical viewpoint, it appears that there is a metamorphosis of form occurring, a conversion taking place.

We want to remind you how animation takes place. You’ve all seen animated little movies or films, and you know that animation comes from a series of drawings that are run through a projector at a very quick speed, and so they appear to be moving. They appear to be moving, and the movement seems to be coming from the same single original form. What an animation is, is countless different things, in this case, drawings, strung together, experienced at a very high speed, so they look like a single thing that’s moving. That’s what’s happening for you, in your life, too.

What we’re trying to say here in preferring the word shift to transformation is there is an underlying meaning to these words that matters. We want you to realize that the word transformation is closely linked to some of the things that keep you stuck in the fourth dimension; the ideas of healing or fixing or saving.

To shift has a different meaning. To shift is to move from one place to another or to cause something to move from one place to another. Therefore, the accurate word for what’s happening to you is actually shift. You are shifting. You are shifting from one place to another quite literally if we’re going to be precise in communication about this.

You are shifting vibrationally, and as you shift vibrationally, you shift in terms of the location and experience that you have as your knowing of what’s now. Everything you imagine is created as a location and expressed energetically. As you are shifting energetically, you are encountering points, locations in time/space that correspond to. You think of this as corresponding to your frequency; we would say that the locations of your expeirence correspond to your momentums. They correspond to your momentum, not just to your current energy but to the trending energy that you’ve been amplifying and energizing and creating as potential pathways for your experience.

When you create a thought form and when you create a momentum of thought forms by thinking about something … You think about something and you focus on it, what happens? You start to have more similar thoughts. This is law of attraction already in action. You start to think about something; suddenly you have a lot more ideas that are very similar to it. No matter what you are paying attention to, no matter what you are paying attention to and no matter how you are paying attention to it, when you pay attention to something, you create more of it and attract more of it. That momentum is thrilling. No matter what kind of momentum it is, it’s often a feeling that you like.

Momentum feels intense and rich and it’s accelerated. Acceleration is really appealing to you because in your essence, you fundamentally like speed. The vaster you is moving really fast, your essence is fast-moving energy. The vaster you is, therefore, used to really fast-moving energy and prefers it. In fact, it’s more fun. If you think about your life, you’re the same way. Slower moving energy often annoys you. You feel impatient. You want to shift into faster-moving energy. You may not think of it that way. You might think, “I just want things to happen faster.” What you’re really saying is “I want to be in faster-moving energy,” because when you get used to faster-moving energy, you enjoy slow moving energy a lot less.

You may see your life in a way that you think it’s transforming, but what’s really happening is you’re allowing different versions of your experience to connect with you and your mind is organizing these in what seems like a movie, something that makes sense in a linear fashion and it can look like transformation. There’s nothing wrong with this idea, this interpretation. We’re not pointing this out to correct you if you like the word transformation, or to make anybody wrong. We’re pointing this out because we feel that if you understand that you’re actually shifting into a different location and you really get that, you’re going to feel more powerful because in a different location you’ve absolutely left behind what just was.

It’s far more empowering to realize you go from one location to another, and that it may feel seamless, but that you understand quite literally in truth, energetically you are going from location to location to location. That viewpoint and seeing your life as a continual shifting experience is more likely to help you understand the absoluteness of now.

Can you imagine and can you see how absolute this now is given that it’s a different point in time/space, a different location than the previous now?

Do you see how even though you can sustain the feel of a new now and build momentum ways that continue to feel similar, which happens naturally because as you pay attention to the moment and you amplify it, you attract more moments like it? If you see that it’s a shift, you are more likely to understand the infinite freedom you have in embodiment.

The different locations you experience, you could think of them as energy streams or bandwidths, some people like to call them dimensions or levels of consciousness. The words don’t matter. They’re just labels. There are far more distinctions in the locations and streams of energy than any of your labels about dimensions or levels have described. You don’t need the label or the description to know what’s happening because you can feel the difference. You can feel the difference immediately because the first manifestation is always emotion. It’s your emotional state. The emotion is telling you what kind of stream you’re in, what kind of momentum you’ve connected with.

If you connect with a momentum you’re not that excited about if it doesn’t get developed too much and you don’t react too strongly and give it too much attention, you can pivot pretty quickly.

When you wake up, you’ve been in a cosmic field. You’ve moved into union with the vaster you. You’re connected to pure positive energy. This is a great time to open up a momentum from that vaster you. Anytime you’re in delight is a good time to build upon it and open up more momentum that you’ll enjoy. You’re in alignment with that vaster you so that you will get inspired ideas. When you’re feeling joy, you’ll get your most uplifted beneficial ideas, the ideas that will most directly, easily take you into the experiences you want and give you the feeling state you want.

You’ll know when you have these ideas because when you have them, you’ll already be feeling good and the inspired idea will feel even better. No matter where you are, an inspired idea will lift you up. Some of you, like Thomas who shared a question in the Q&A the questions the other day, notice that thy don’t last. That doesn’t deny the experience of being in that moment of alignment and in that location, glimpsing the higher idea that’s a more direct path.

You have that capacity clearly and the reason we’re pointing this out today is to help you even more completely discover how to drop the fourth dimensional patterns that are slowing you down and the fourth dimensional patterns of trying to make it all work by giving effort to it, by working at it, by trying to fx it, by thinking you need to clear or heal yourself, others or the planet.

All of that is slowing you down and you hate being slowed down. You hate feeling impatient when it comes to what you want and you hate feeling separate from the things you like. To help close that gap with that, we’re here today to talk about perhaps thinking of it all as transformation has served you till now, but because it’s not accurate, it may not be the most beneficial way to look at things.

Because you’re not taking what was and making it different; you’re just tuning to a different frequency. When you do that, you are in a different location and your experience simply is different. It is different immediately.

There has always been, in the infinite now, currents and experiences that are uplifted. You are living in a physical form that has experienced immense limitation in allowing this higher frequency because the thought forms and consciousness present in this form did not create resonance with these uplifted currents very easily, very readily.

When you’re in an idea or an expectation based on negative things in the past or needing to fix yourself before you can get something or the idea that something is wrong with you, that’s the bandwidth you’re in – it’s limited, it’s slower-moving, and the emotions that arise in that energy feel less good.

By starting to realize that you can create a totally different experience because you actually shift moment to moment, we’re hoping you might glimpse how much more free you actually are.

The things that feel the same over and over and over again, they’re just being recreated. When you feel for the joy within you, when you feel inside for the lighter energy and tune to that part of you that is here, the vaster you, the total you, that knows how to enjoy the experience, you shift. The more you make that your priority, that harmony, that alignment, that being synced up with you, the more liberated you become.

This changes not just your awareness, but the location you’re in and the form you’re in. The form you’re in, in the different locations that are more uplifted has a greater capacity for light. If you sustain and perpetuate and amp up that momentum, amazing experiences are what you will know as each now.

Then you’ll feel like, “Wow, really good stuff is happening right here, right now and it’s happening again.” Then, of course, as you notice that and appreciate that, your momentum builds.

When you genuinely appreciate what feels good, your momentum builds. The more you let go of commenting on what you don’t like in the world, the more you learn to be picky about what you give attention to and what you’re willing to focus on in your words and your actions, the more you learn to use your focus and the increased focus of your words and the even more increased focus of your actions because words and action take focus into more concentration, the more you learn to do this in a way that serves you as indicated by your sense of alignment, the more you’re letting your life flow from the vaster total you. That flow feels really good to you.

Then, the locations in which you experience your life become increasingly delightful. Quite naturally, as you shift, the potential for all humanity opens up because these streams of uplifted consciousness expand in your realm. That’s how you help each other. That’s how the world changes.

Today, we wanted to point out why the word shift might be a good idea to think about rather than thinking of yourself as transforming. You might even think of it as a reappearing moment to moment to moment in a new way, and that would be very true. Although it happens even faster than moment to moment, which is why you don’t see it. It’s seamless in your perception, this ever-changing experience, and that’s the infinite possibilities that you’re having. Perceiving it as seamless that doesn’t mean it’s not happening just because you don’t sense the movement.

We like this idea that your life continually reappears. It’s pretty accurate. As you vanish (how do you like that!) from lower frequency domains and realms and bandwidths and streams, and reappear in upper levels of consciousness and form, your life takes on a brilliant light that feels really good to you and inspires everyone else. This is how, what has been called the new earth and the new human, are coming about.

The new earth and the new human have always existed as potential and within the dreaming and the energy structures made possible through those choices of focus by embodied humans and by those of us here who are amplifying those potentials, those locations. Those locations exist.

The pure line of the ascension of the fulfillment of humanity exist, but as you come into resonance with these locations and start to stay in them in a steady way, this is what we mean by these new parallels. The new parallel being populated. The new parallel is a different location, which is becoming amplified and emanating a different version of earth from within the planetary matrix. When you’re in it, it’s populating, and it’s becoming quite literally more fleshed out.

You feel it as more concrete. It feels more real to you. This potential that has been talked about for so long becomes natural as you live in this knowing.

We say to you today, go further. We dare you. Believe in your capacity to fully shift out of anything that has been and into something you like better because the shift moment to moment is happening.

Your intentional creation of your state determines where you land.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.