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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, March 18th

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: What Do You Trust?

TrustHello and welcome, we are your Angelic Guides. Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of trust. You see, many of you are experiencing periods of doubt, fear and worry and the response is often to want to release it. But how? This is what we would like to further explain in our message to you today.

We have titled today’s topic, “What do you trust?” You see, we want to specifically point out that you are always trusting, and you are therefore always manifesting. In fact there is never a time that you are not trusting.

The response we most frequently receive is, how could I be trusting all of the time and still experience doubt, fears and worry’s? Ahhhhhh, and to this we would reply, because you are trusting in the manifestation of something that you do not prefer. Allow that to really sink in for a moment.

When you feel fearful, it is because you are placing your trust in something that you do not prefer to experience, and you then feel fearful that it will manifest. When you feel fearful it is a clear indication that you are placing your trust in manifesting something you do not wish to create.

So we would encourage you to redirect your TRUST and focus on what you do prefer to create for yourself. When you place your trust in something that you do prefer you no longer feel fearful or filled with worry because you are now trusting in something that you do prefer to experience.

You see, it takes no more effort to create something that you do prefer than it does to create something that you do not prefer. So why then does it feel so much easier to create something challenging, than it does enjoyable? To this we would reply, because you are focusing so intently on what you do not want for fear of it manifesting.

If you chose to focus all of your attention on what you do prefer it would be equally as easy to create enjoyable manifestations. The universe is neutral. It does not bring bad manifestations to bad people and good manifestations to those who deserve it most. It is a mirror. It is only reflecting what you choose to focus your attention upon.

You are all very capable of manifesting, in fact you manifest every moment. Place your trust in what you do want to create and you will no longer feel fearful, you will no longer feel any doubt. This is how you remove doubt. It’s not that you must learn how to trust, you are always trusting something. You must remember to place your trust in what you prefer to create.

This may sound very simple, and that is because it is! It doesn’t have to be so difficult. Life can be easy, it can be synchronistic, it can be pleasurable and filled with joy. You are a powerful creator. You will get exactly what you put out.

Trust in what you desire to create for yourself and the fears will dissipate. There is a saying on your world that we find to be most appropriate “Starve your fears by feeding your dreams.” Feed your dreams with your focus, with your intent, and with your trust that they WILL manifest. So we ask you, What do you trust?

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful and that we have served you in someway.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides


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