Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Kathryn May, March 17th



Most of you are quite familiar with
the revaluation of currencies taking place at this time.

Humanitarian projects are being designed and spearheaded
by Lightworkers of longstanding integrity and funded with great wealth.

Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 

March 17 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is a pleasure to talk with you today here on the New Earth Times.  We joke that there is a lineup of Masters who all want to channel messages to you, but I was lucky enough to fill today’s slot.  As I speak, Archangel Michael, my brother, whispers editorial suggestions in my ear, and I am surrounded by the entire Galactic Federation Earth contingent, our family of the Company of Heaven, and an enormous angel chorus.

It is fun to joke about how much we want to be in contact with you, but it is truly how we feel.  We are so delighted to experience your response to our messages and to our presence when we make ourselves known to you – it tickles us as much as it does you.  The Veil between Heaven and Earth is truly dissolving more every day.

I wish to bring my love and encouragement to all of you in this fast-moving period of change.  There are so many moving parts to this magnificent shift on Planet Earth, it is impossible to paint a picture for you that can truly explain all the projects and plans that are unfolding right now, as we speak to each other in the form of this message.  With these words, I am sending the energy of my being and the deep meanings behind the words.  Stretch yourselves, dear friends, to practice the delightful style of communication we enjoy in higher dimensions.  It is so much more enjoyable when talking is a heart-to-heart exchange, as it always can be.

Most of you are quite familiar with the revaluation of currencies taking place at this time.  Humanitarian projects are being designed and spearheaded by Lightworkers of longstanding integrity and funded with great wealth.  On a relatively smaller yet nonetheless mighty scale, individual Lightworkers have also been given the opportunity to join the efforts to “pay it forward,” in whatever way they have dreamed of making the world a better place.  This has become the most publicly discussed of all the current projects, giving the impression that it is the most important element of the global shift.  As high profile and wonderful as this project has become in the Lightworker community, it is truly just the small tip, the mere beginning of the enormous expression of love Mother and Father God have designated in their grand yet intricate plan to bring Freedom to all upon Earth.  The plan is gently unfolding now.

Ascension is the Focus and the Goal for Humankind

The essential element in humankind’s freedom is not money – it is your individual and collective Ascension, the uplifting of your soul.  Of course, having more money, in and of itself, will not have any effect on a person’s individual ability or desire to ascend.  It has not helped the cabal to be free; it has helped them to remain slave-masters.  The fundamental intention behind the Prosperity Programs is to relieve the suffering of poverty and debt-slavery in the short run, and most importantly, to begin the process of eliminating the use of money entirely.  Money is not inherently dark, but it has been the tool that was used by the cabal to control the population, physically, emotionally and intellectually.  That spell must be broken, and with it all the programmed thoughts and beliefs around money that have assisted in enslaving humankind.

The most direct affront to the slave Matrix is not the Prosperity Programs alone.  It is NESARA, the National Economic Security and Restoration Act (and GESARA, the global version of NESARA).  The Matrix stands on the illusion of power that has been shored up through the use of systematically stolen wealth.  That wealth has been used to influence all forms of governance, media, the courts, and the law itself, making it more and more difficult and even life-threatening for anyone who challenges that power.  Economic equality could only be established and sustained by creating new structures for political, legal and social freedoms. Without worldwide reforms in the banking systems, including transparency and oversight, the prosperity funds would have simply been funneled back into the power structure of the dark elite, increasing their stranglehold on the planet.

We, the Company of Heaven and you, our partners on the ground, could not let our efforts be used to fuel the cabal, and so, simultaneous with the RV preparations, an entire safety net and freedom platform have been meticulously built which will protect your new financial freedom.  This has been done mostly behind the scenes to protect our human contingent from the very threatening, and threatened, eyes of the cabal.  Of course they are aware of the prophesied changes.  They have been in negotiations to surrender their powers or face complete losses, yet they still have doggedly persevered, pressing their doomed agenda in the face of inevitable failure.

There have been two factors that worked to our benefit as we established the new governance in as much secrecy as possible.  First, we used the fact that your large media outlets are all controlled by the very ones who did not wish to allow any public evidence of their loss of power.  Second, we used the cabal’s arrogant denial that the Forces of Light could ever unseat them.  We have allowed insults, false information, and degrading tones to stand, while we slipped our true transmissions to those of you who have the ears – and hearts – to hear.  We have quietly bolstered our messengers as they fell under attack from every side, so they could deliver our communications yet remain unscathed by the barrage of flack these messages attracted.  This process had the ultimate effect of actually reducing the intensity of the cabal’s dwindling public attacks, in spite of media propaganda to the contrary.

Meanwhile, we stepped up our training programs for you by creating carefully crafted Soul Studies, Ascension trainings, Disclosure outlets, and all manner of uplifting self-reflection techniques and suggestions through our many Lightworker channels, messengers and healers worldwide.  Recently, our “Operation Heave-Ho” has been an enormously positive program.   It has inspired thousands to newly focus on taking complete responsibility for their own energy output while also encouraging Lightworkers to refuse air time or indulgence to negativity.  From this and other efforts, we are now seeing the Light and shining Love on the planet increase, as Mother and Father also send higher vibrational waves of Light to spur you on.

How the Cabal Got a Foothold in the RV Community

I am going to give you more in-depth information about how we have worked with all of you to co-create this Freedom Project.  You have matured greatly in your knowledge and your ability to expand your thinking and feelings to absorb more about how and why we proceed the way we do, how interlinked our efforts really are with yours, and what part the energetic state of the planet plays in the timing of the initiation of all these programs.

Your steadfast efforts over the past year alone meant that we were able to curtail the cabal’s ability to initiate war, economic mayhem or a massive “false flag” event.  Desperate, the remaining cabal intensified their program of constant and deliberate psychological interference to distort the pure intention of the worldwide Freedom Project.  Their purpose was to prevent your Ascension by bringing down the global vibration through 1) reinterpreting the RV/GCR as a way for people to get rich quick and to “elevate” themselves by selfishly indulging in the profitable cabal-controlled consumer and “wealth management” economy, and 2) creating an environment of fear, competition and entitlement by playing on people’s emotions.  This is food for them, and mortar for the Matrix.

Since so many people already have an emotionally-fraught relationship with money, the cabal chose the wide-open internet arena to deliberately place shills whose job it was to crank up the negative feelings around the RV and its “delays.”  Their ploys and manipulations brought up feelings of fear, distrust, entitlement, superiority, along with issues of survival and self-worth.  At first, they purchased enormous quantities of currencies themselves, while trying to convince everyone that the entire program was a scam.  This did temporarily increase the fear quotient, and although it did not ultimately keep people from investing in the currencies, the seed of doubt was planted.   (They were later caught in sting operations that our boots on the ground helped us to accomplish, and their funds were confiscated.)

The numerous online discussion sites and conference calls by intel providers allowed an open forum for shills to create an atmosphere of entitlement, impatience and frustration at the length of time needed to release the RV.  This was nonsensical to begin with, since this is a gift from Mother and Father God, and the spiritual response would be gratitude, inspiration and cooperation, regardless of how long it might take, because it is the route to a better life for all.

Initially, we had hoped to raise the vibration of the collective by enlisting energetic support for the many programs we were orchestrating and creating together.  Unfortunately, the troublemakers were somewhat successful – for a time – in stirring angry feelings against the messengers, who had so graciously offered themselves as conduits for information. With every uplifting of the collective consciousness, the shills worked to stoke feelings of insecurity, fear of never having enough and fear that all were being duped.  A kind of internet war developed in which readers and listeners compared and argued various intel points in an effort to alternately defend or discredit and diminish the messengers.

At times it became an ugly mud-slinging character assassination game to prove the attackers right, “realistic” and superior.  Staunch and tireless information providers, who were admittedly performing a difficult and inexact task, with details, dates and plans shifting constantly, were accused of being gullible, weak-minded dreamers, or worse yet, evil Luciferian conspirators who were leading their naïve followers into disillusionment and despair.  What had been intended to be an educational and spiritually uplifting process was sometimes tainted by negativity, self-righteousness, entitlement and greed.  At one point it was even called “Info Wars.”  The cabal was gaining traction, if only temporarily.

In the past, this is where our story would have ended.  In times now gone by, the cabal was successful with such techniques.  They did regularly stop Lightworkers and end their projects by cleverly turning group opinion into a righteous weapon – all in the name of “honesty” and “safety.”

You see, even if we protect you from invasion, and even if we remove every last cabal leader, we cannot protect you from your own thoughts, or your response to threats from those who wish to control your mind.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions are your sacred province, the place within you that only you can oversee and manage.  This is where free will choice is so important, and so pivotal for the success of our Freedom Project.  Those who wish to enslave humankind, whether they be officially recognized cabal members or Wannabes, all feed on dark energies.  Your fear is their nourishment.  Every time you succumb to their dark seductions, they re-establish their toehold and strengthen the Matrix.

We understand how hard it is to remain steady and balanced when your lives have been so filled with real threats to your human existence.  You are not to blame for the slow pace of the RV rollout.  No one is; not you, not us, not even the cabal leaders.  Only fear can stop us – the fear you have suffered with all your lives.  You are not being asked to remove the cabal.  Others are doing that.  You are being asked to remove all fear (and its partners: anger, impatience, and frustration) from your own thoughts and feelings.  Take my hand and the endless support that comes with it, bask in the HoneyLove of our Mother God, and allow us to heal all doubt, all anxiety and fear.  We are doing it.  Rejoice!

We Keep it Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Here is a brief update on the recent process.  As the procedures involved in releasing the funds became increasingly hindered by negative energies, it became necessary for the Councils to consider alternative action.  It was decided that it had become required and advisable to complete all the safety programs before any funds could be released.  Although this delayed the entire process a bit, it meant that we would protect everyone from another massive delay (like the ones that occurred with JFK’s assassination, and 9/11).  This time, we will ride the wave of rising human consciousness through the Freedom Projects, all the way to Ascension and beyond.

You see, Dear Humankind, by your own pre-incarnation plan, the programs were not to be released until humanity had reached a specified quotient of Light energy and other conditions were met, including honoring the free will of all concerned.  These conditions were written by you into your contracts and are overseen by the Higher Councils of Humankind, in cooperation with the Company of Heaven.  They were established to ensure a successful outcome for the centuries-long Earth Project, which had been stalled numerous times in the past.

Of course, we always have Plans B, C, D, E, F, and so on, but we begin with the one most likely to create the shortest path to Ascension.  If an obstacle presents itself, we move to the next option or create a new one, always with our final goal, Ascension for all, in mind.  You might say we are now on Plan Q4.  And at every juncture, regardless of the conditions on the ground, we must diligently adhere to the free will and previous contract agreements we mentioned earlier, all while fulfilling the agreements we have with Mother and Father God as well.

The effect of the complexities and colliding energies on Surface Earth means that our work together – you on the ground and us in Higher Dimensions – takes on the rhythm and tone of an all-out athletic event.  Picture a volley ball game in which both sides will win if we can keep the ball in the air without it ever touching the ground.  It has taken stamina, agility and some very heroic saves on the part of our human partners.  You have leapt beyond your previous capacities, dived for a magnificent volley when needed, and reached deep within to draw on inner strength, wisdom and faith beyond all expectations.  These brilliant moments allow for what we call dispensations from Mother and Father God – times when extra help from us can be allowed to match your efforts.  We love those times.

Let’s Get ‘er Done!

We are now in the ongoing phase of an all-out push to complete the RV/GCR without any last-minute cabal incident.  A number of their remaining group along with their minions – more than we had hoped – are having to be restrained or removed in order to keep the funds and the projects safe and flowing.  We have increased security above and below, and all eyes are on you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  Our pace has been “slowed” a bit to make sure our Boots on the Ground have performed every necessary document signing, recorded every negotiated settlement, moved every ounce of gold to its rightful vault, and arranged for every detail of the Freedom Projects, including the initial implementation of NESARA in the U.S. and GESARA globally.  We are on the move.  Together, we have done a brilliant job in spite of the hurdles.

It has been a massive undertaking, Dearest Ones, and many exciting events are yet to come.

Remember to build your glowing Pillar of Light, your Ascension Pillar, every day.  It is increasing the Light in the Universe when you do.  It is about your choices.  Go within.  Smile and tell a loved one how much you admire them.  The next time you hear someone say something that irritates or annoys you, execute a dramatic Change-Up:  shift into curiosity and humor.  Listen to others with compassion and interest no matter what they are exuding, and you will probably see them soften and pull back into something more companionable (as you have just done).  You can and do create miracles.  Every such action helps to speed all of us onward to the next adventure in Love, abundance and peaceful Co-creation.  We are a magnificent team!

I give you my boundless Love, my Dearest Family of Light.  I am your Ashtar.


(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/17/16)


“Victory to the Light”
“Breakthrough is near”