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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, October 14th, 2017

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: Where Are Your Dreams Held Before They Manifest?

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the subject of physical manifestations vs. vibrational manifestations. To us, they are one in the same. Allow us to further elaborate. You see everything is energy, which then vibrates at a particular rate and frequency. Each of your physical senses detect different ranges in frequency.

In other words, you cannot see sound waves with your physical eyes, but you can hear them with your physical ears. You do not taste colors, but your physical eyes can see them. Each of you reading this message are divine eternal beings who have temporarily incarnated into a physical body for the pleasure of doing so.

The reason we want to draw your attention upon the subject of vibrational realities is to help you feel, know and perceive the realness of the vibrational realities that surround you. Most humans rely upon their five physical senses in order to detect whether something is in fact real or not. But imagine for just a moment if you allowed your intuition, your imagination and your third eye to perceive the “realness” of your reality.

You see, just because you cannot detect it with your physical senses does not mean it isn’t here. In fact if you have conjured the dream and now desire it, we can assure you that the reality in which this dream is manifested is right here beside you. In fact there is no “where” else for it to be. When you feel for the realness, rather than look for it you will surely be able to perceive your dream.

Allow us to share a simple analogy. Suppose you were outside and you heard a plane in the sky above you. But the clouds were to thick to see it, would you immediately discard it and say that your ears were making it up? No, of course not, because you rely upon each physical sense equally to provide you with proof that something is real. You would continue to look for the plane in the sky and perhaps eventually you would be able to perceive the plane with your eyes as the cloud cover dissipated.

Yet most humans discard their feelings and their imagination because they cannot perceive it with any of their physical senses. Everything that you perceive with any of your five physical senses are vibrational in nature as well. You can perceive them with your physical senses because you have matched or shall we say tuned perfectly to that frequency so perfectly that your physical senses can detect it. This is why we always say, you cannot experience what you do not resonate with.

As you look around your world, know that everything you perceive is a vibration. If you desire to perceive other realities that hold different experiences, all you must do is change what you are tuned to.

So we remind you, when you have a dream that you desire to create and you doubt if it will ever manifest physically for you, FEEL for the realness of your dream. Though you may not be able to perceive its existence with any of your physical senses yet, let your intuition and imagination be the senses you rely upon for conformation that it does in fact exist.

Soon enough you will match the frequency of that dream so perfectly, that you will pull it into focus so that you may experience it with all of your physical senses as well.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides


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