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Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio, January 23d, 2019


Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest heart, we so admire all the changes you have made recently. Stepping up to the plate so to speak. And we hear your pleas to get on with it, to bring on the changes you have been expecting. And still we say to thee, please be patient while the finishing touches are being placed upon the stage and the scripts you have created. For the new play is about to begin but it is like stepping in before the dressing room has finished with you – so we may say to wait, just a bit longer for the changes to take place. All is in motion, going as planned, a few more steps to go before you land in the never land of your own making. This is the fairytale realm you have been creating, while you sleep you will awaken into this new realm, change will flow in seemingly overnight and still, you will be astounded at the changes awakened in you. For this is your true calling – your true inner pursuit – to build a new world where all that surrounds you is fostering your faith in the miracles and magic that has thus far been quite unknown / living in the background. Soon the miracles and magic, miraculous surrounding you with every breath, taking center stage and allowing the rest to flow in unfettered and full of joy. This we bring to you the grand entrance to your own personal play – the one you have been creating for ages and a day. For you were meant to play. That was the original intent for all of creation – to allow earth to become the stage for exploring the outer expression of your own inner creations. And now that the darkness has been obliterated from your world, now it is safe for you to come out and play once again – without fear of ridicule or retribution.

This is now your world, your stage, your play – where do you want to begin?

Let go of the life / world you have been living in.

Time to begin again.

Simple. Pure. Free. Full of love and harmony.

Great blessings for Thee.

We are the Angels in White – Beautiful sight (New world now in sight)


With Love, Light, and Blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!