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Sanat Kumara and The High Council of Light via Mia Lighthouse, January 25th, 2019

Sanat Kumara and The High Council of Light (via Mia Lighthouse)

Sanat Kumara:

Connect with your inner self

Dear ones,

we notice that you at times get confused about the different dimensions. If you think of it like this; the third dimension is the physical reality. There is nothing wrong with this dimension, it is the basis for all life. What trips you off is the chaos that occur in what you perceive as this dimension. If you instead think of it as frequency: you are already vibrating in very different frequencies; some low, others very high, most in between. You who read this type of messages generally vibrate very high and are heading towards what we call the higher dimensions.

The great challenge you are facing is to integrate these higher energies into your physical being by lifting your vibrations, your consciousness, your emotional world, all that you are.

This requires your active participation, it is YOU who are to do this transformation, within yourself. We can give you guidance, we can increase the energyflow to your planet, but

it´s up to you to take the steps that promotes your ability to receive and integrate it.

You are in this process now.

Your energies create your reality, so it is important for you to keep track of your energies – and have control over them. How do you do that? By being strongly rooted in your inner core. How do you achieve that? An essential tool is meditation.

Meditation should be as natural part of your life as eating and sleeping – something you do at regular intervals to charge the batteries and connect to your higher self.

Meditation is recommended for at least 15 minutes a day, preferably more. Most of you reading this have been meditating for many years. But there are a few of you who are careless with this and some who have not even started, therefore I wish to give you a simple direction into the world of meditation.

Meditation is not boring or demanding, on the contrary; It is relaxation and rest while it is a journey into your inner self that with time and patience will give you an increased awareness of your entire existence. With this increased awareness follows inner strength, focus, clarity, well-being, love, insight – as well as the ability to receive and integrate the high energies that now flow to Earth.

Many have the picture that one have to sit in a lotus position when meditating and it is good if you can, but it is not a requirement. Sitting comfortably in a lotus position requires a very lissom body, so if you don’t have that, don’t let this idea down you but find a position that fits your body. The most important thing is not the position itself but your well-being and concentration.

For many, it may be an advantage to sit on the edge of a regular kitchen chair as this gives the lower back a natural bend that helps it to stay straight.

Why is it important for the spine to be straight at the same time as the body is as relaxed as possible? For the force of Kundalini to wake up and flow through you. This could also be called the force of enlightenment. This energy awakens more easily and flows freer if the spine is straight and the body is relaxed.

The Kundalini force is a completely natural part of your being that has been asleep among the vast majority, but that through meditation will wake up more and more. Therefore it is good to find a physical position that promotes this force right from the start.

To those of you who have a physical injury that prevents you from sitting in the way I propose, do not be discouraged. Everyone, absolutely everyone has access to this force. For example, one can meditate when lying down.

If we assume that you are sitting on the edge of a kitchen chair as suggested, with your knees at a 90-degree angle and the soles of the feet rest straight toward Mother Earth. The back of your hands rest in your lap, with thumb and index finger together so that they form a circle.

This is a basic position, easy to hold.

In this position, we recommend you to sit at least 15 minutes per day in total silence and simply observe your breathing.

Your breath is a focal point that helps you to calm the mind and bring you into direct contact with Qi, your life force.

I help you get started:

first, make sure you are not disturbed.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deep calm breaths.

Release all thoughts, still your mind and emotions to a state of peace.

Initially, it may take some time for your mind and emotions to settle down, this is quite natural in the beginning phase.

You become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are buzzing within you and with practice it will be easier to let them go.

Let go, focus on your breathing, and move inward into your inner core, into your inner heart.

With time the suggested position will show many benefits. Follow the breath as it moves through your body, from your nostrils up in your brain, through your body down to the sole of you feet.

When the energy flows naturally in your body you can feel the connection with the Universe from your Crown Chakra and your connection with Mother Earth through your Foot Chakra.

Just let this energy flow through you, let it rinse you, let it heal you, let it awaken you.

In your inner core you are all whole, pure, peaceful Love. Your inner core is your connection with the Divine. Through meditation you open up and develop this connection.

Dear ones, I call upon your discipline. Sit in this position at least 15 minutes per day. It’s not much time, give yourself this time.

Your Brother in Light,

Sanat Kumara



The High Council of Light:


Dear ones,

Take Sanat Kumara’s uplifting words to your hearts. He constantly guides you to find the joy within, knowing that when happiness is within you, everything else you wish for is growing within and around you too.

We wish to remind you to be patient.

Living on Earth is a balance-act at this time. Think of the natural processes: if you plant a seed to a plant with beautiful flowers, there are some things that are required for the seed to become a flower. First you have to put it in the soil and give it water, not only once but throughout the process.

So it is not enough to put the seed in the ground and expect that within the next days there will be a large plant filled with beautiful flowers.

No, first the seed has a wake-up phase. It awaken and moves inside the shell before it one day penetrates through the protective cover and out into the soil, then the small spire begins its way through the earth and up toward the sun. Once above the ground, it still needs nourishment and care to grow larger and larger – for one day to be in full bloom.

So, of course, you cannot start digging in the soil in your search for the plant when it is not yet removed from its capsule or is in process of penetrating the soil towards the sun. Nor can you step on the small seedling once it has penetrated the ground. And when the plant has grown large, got leaves and stands in bud you can not tear off the buds in your search for the flowers. No, you have to realize that it is a process and that this whole process require your care.

This is a simple picture, easy to understand. None of you would tear of buds in search of flowers because you are well aware that the buds will become flowers.

But when it comes to yourself and your spiritual development, you often find it more difficult to see. But have confidence that the same process take place within you. So be patient with yourself and your process.

The benefits of practicing meditation may not appear immediately but have confidence that once you have seeded this seed, it grows within you.

With consistency and patience it will bloom.

We are with you in great Joy,

The High Council of Light