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Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, January 26th, 2019


January 26th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

I take the expression from the channel “you need the patience of an angel” my dear friends. This that you do is a very strong process. You are present and give birth and labor Nova Terra to appear.

It is you who are her protectors, her light and her future. You need her and she needs you truly. For each good deed, for each loving thought towards your fellow humans and for each time you dare to stand up and express truth bravely and with strength she shots for joy over what her children are achieving.

Nova Terra is an equally aware power as we are, but her energies function in a different fashion. She is the Mother who gives you your flesh and thus the form through which you function. She is the one who supply you with nourishment and in collaboration with you she provides the best possible food she can muster. She embraces you with her large essence and as the most tender of mothers she rocks you to sleep at night. Mother Earth sees you exactly as you are and loves you absolutely and unconditionally. Her love for you is much like what a loving human mother can feel for her child. The Mother loves her child and knows that it goes through different stages and even if she has to scold it a bit and establish limits the deep love is always left. This is also the way it is with our beloved planet. Sometimes she must create flood, shake things up, burn a little in order to set limits to what she can handle. Nonetheless she loves your limitlessly and genuinely, but she wishes for and wants solid developments.

Her power is large and she has been terribly exposed. She knows that everything has its turn and development. She shines as the jewels she has as she gets her own new life – a new atmosphere and the ascension of her being.

Nova Terra wants create beauty. She wants to create a world where the animals can walk in peace, where the stars glister and shine and reflect the beautiful life on her outside. She wants to rejoice and create lush green valleys and high, beautiful mountains. She wants the mystic and the world of the fairytales to be true and real and that you look out of each other’s best and let the each smallest weak and feeble being on her body still be allowed to live her life in peace and follow her path.

We tell you that you need the “the patience of an angel” in the struggle for the victory of the light on our beloved Terra Mater. In retrospect you will see what a tremendous job you have done. Do not give up, but attach your wings steadily on your back and have the courage the persevere child of man.

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Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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