Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio, May 13th, 2019


Angels in White via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children, you are a wonder and a de-light! We so enjoy you company, your companionship – every time you reach out in prayer no matter how informal we are embraced by the spirit of love, just as you feel every time you sit down in stillness and ask to commune with us. We feel wanted and loved and isn’t that what everyone wants? Every being of light no matter how big or how small yearns for the companionship and belonging – the light connects us all – energy particles, each a small part of the same whole. We are not so different you know.

Forgiveness and healing is more important than ever now.

Healing all the lost or darkened places within you and all around you.

Let go.

Let the healing flow.

It is time to cut the chords of attachment to all you think you know.

New truths will be coming out.

New truths about who you are and why you are here.

Open your hands – read the books we place in your hands – for there is much untruth that will be laid to rest. The future is much brighter than what has been said.

You are our equals. Different forms of the same whole. There is no above and below. All is energy in motion in differing levels of vibration. Like gas that flows higher, rolls of steam rising higher and higher when water is boiled – the energy is more solid at the lower level and as it rises is becomes lighter and lighter until you can no longer see it but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is the same with us, we may have a higher vibration but that does not mean we cannot hear you, feel you, sense you, in the same way you feel us, sense us, and welcome us into your hearts and homes. The water that boils is not any more or any less than the steam that floats above the pot. So let go of the notion of being less than, you are not. We share the same space albeit in different vibrations / different forms and dimensions. No one is less or more – better or worse. We are all on a journey, correcting our course. We can all float higher and higher, enjoying your life wherever you are right now is what matters. Do not try too hard to endeavor perfection, allow your life to flow from right where you are, despite any imperfections. Life is not meant to be stressful – you are not meant to have to control every thought, every action, every situation. Life’s perfection is found in its imperfection, in its learning, in the stillness not the action.

Let go and let God show you how to relax, to allow the best in life to flow to you – not under force or duress, under mountains of stress.

Talk less.

Be still.

Enjoy the time afforded to you.

This is a blessing, a lesson in itself, life is meant to be treasured and felt.

That is what makes you human.

The power to feel.

The power to be still and to sense the beings of light and the energies around you.

It is not about doing, it is about being.

Allow your life, the ebbs and flows, to move freely and soon you will float higher and higher into the bright and beautiful dimensions to which you aspire without the effort and the stress of ‘making it happen’ – it will happen nonetheless.

With bright hearted blessings to the ones we call friends, you are the masters and the companions so lighten up dear friends!

We are the Angels in White and we are so de-lighted to bring you this very special message. It’s time to put down the forks, straighten the divides, and move on into more rarified, unified state of light. Blessings to all and to all a good night.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!