Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, May 11th, 2019


May 11th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

A large shift has taken place in your atmosphere. Lightworkers, your crystalline structure is now more developed and the 12 strand DNA harp can play at higher octaves. Mother of Pearl descend from the stratosphere and it activates and strengthens the crystalline development from the carbon based structure.

Your existence becomes denser – everything is coming to the surface and it can be very painful. However, healing is also more available the earlier, Lightworkers.

The judgment continues of those who during thousands of years are responsible for the deep inhumane, catastrophic crimes that have spread rings on the water in your existence during eons of time. Their dark souls will have a hard time breathing in the mother of pearl dust. They hide in their holes and bases in order to escape the light, regardless if it is from humans or the atmosphere.

They are forging the most desperate plans and use their whole arsenal of extraterrestrial abilities in order to keep the network going. One plan catastrophe is being activated after another, one stranger than the next.

Beautiful bird songs about a new spring can be heard far down in their dark chambers, but it is not beautiful music in their ears, as it is for you dear lightworkers. Many who have tried to switch sides have fallen victim to those that they so trustingly have served, without the slightest feelings or heart power. These poor souls are actively cared for on this side for healing and understanding of what forces and what purpose their employers were working for. It is a very, very painful awakening for these souls regarding who they really have served. When their soul bodies have healed with insight and care they then choose most often to assist you light warriors, light workers in all the colors that you exhibit.

We want to say that we can see your great development and how you absorb the new incoming light shimmer as the best of nectar for your cells. Do not forget to care for yourself, with good nourishment, fresh water, maybe music or closeness to dear friends, family, animals and nature.

We are just at your side.

Ashtar Command



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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