The sisterhood of Goddesses via Angel Skog, May 11th, 2019


The sisterhood of Goddesses via Angel Skog

May 11th, 2019


Beautiful souls, we rejoice in brining forth our loving message for you today and at this incredibly fantastic time. How we have seen you suffer, throughout your life times, life lessons throughout and love throughout.

Today we step forward as the united divine feminine; we are Mother Sekhmet, Nefetiti, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magadalene and many more.

We represent the divine feminine in these pure and unique forms and call on you to take the step into our sisterhood, your sisterhood.

Let us bath your body and mind in our holy temples and help you let go of all blockages that prevent you from embodying and live from the unique, beautiful and divine feminine expression of God.

Let us show you your natural strength, power and beauty in our mirror image and to find you unique goddess expression in mirror image of us, your goddess sisters.

Relax and breath in deeply our feminine energies and let them fill your uterus and your “your holy” with our loving healing touch.

Relax and let go of all energies of sexual experiences, abortions, childbirth, abuse and feel how your pure sexual expression start to flow freely through you body again.

Let this flow pulsate through your chakra and transform all blockages that stop you from feeling your feminine truth, that you are the divine feminine force and God’s expression, beauty and life.

We love you sisters and welcome you home to us again, to our holy temple where we united and unique honor, live and create and enjoy the existence of the feminine expression of God.

Sisterhood of Goddesses




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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