Angels of the Mount via Karen Vivenzio, October 29th, 2018


Angels of the Mount via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, sit still in the moment and savor all that you have accomplished. Such strides have been made over the past decade in terms of awareness and acceptance and such achievements cannot be overshadowed by the anger and hate we see coming out as of late. The majority of people have progressed beyond our wildest expectations and for this you should rejoice and be glad. For the ugliness of the moment is moving on its way out. Coming to the surface for healing before bowing out.

The reality you are building dearest child, is one of peace and love. And though you cannot see it right now, look around you and all that has been done in the name of love. So much truth coming out in the coming months. Use this as your focal point for what once was so that in the coming days you will have a turning point, a point of reference, to look back upon and see how far you have truly come.

The last remnants of the dark ages is upon us. We are entering the last vestiges of the darkness with you and we are holding your hands as you bravely march forward into the light of the new dawn. For the light that is shining now is beckoning you to move forward. Once you have had one last look around at the misery and despair you have found, you will be able to move into the light knowing that is not what life is about and you will finally have the resolve to do what is needed to move forward dear child. To let the past go. To revel in all that is to be known and the signs that will show you now which way you must go.

All is in harmony with the higher level density (reality of less density / higher frequency). All is moving up the ladder of evolution beyond what has thus far been perceived (beyond that which you have been thus far able to perceive).

This is the time for healing old wounds – seeing your troubles for what is at the root then pulling those roots up and planting anew, fresh flowers growing into full bloom. For you deserve to live in color and light – in brightness and cleansing of the air, wings outstretched, heart open wide, with love in the air and grace that abides, surrounding you all a field of fresh flowers stretching far and wide, full color, full bloom come Springtime / the dawning of new light / fully embracing the turning tide.

Hope and blessings to you dear friends – You are magnificent beacons holy and light, now is the time to hold steadfast in the night.

We are standing by your side and you are Holy and Divine, remember – YOU ARE the LIGHT, Don’t be afraid to SHINE!

  • The Angels of the Mount, embracing you dear child and all children of the light

Blessings – Karen