A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, November 3, 2018

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

November 3, 2018

Channel: Carina


Lightbeings – Listen!!!

My dear lightbeings, messengers of love and containers of the small true power it is high time for you to ground yourselves. Put down your feet of light on Mother Earth in order to establish a connection and start your human life here on Earth.

You are so many Lightbeings that every day think about why you do not have a life like others – why you are sick, lack force and why you do not have any money. You scream to us that you cannot take it any more – you long for your usual life here and now. You cleanse and clean up your consciousness and wait for a miracle.

Dear Lightbeings, fill your hearts, your consciousness and minds with acceptance that you are here. You must sit down and accept that you are here on Earth. You have not accepted that you are in a human body. You have not accepted that you are on Earth in this life. You have not accepted that money, sickness, discord and war are part of the life that you have chosen to come down to in this life. You have not landed with your light and your consciousness in your body yet and this is why your life is in unbalance and perhaps your body is not doing so well. Bring down your light into your body and you will be whole.

You are waiting for a miracle. You are waiting for peace on Earth. It is you who are your own miracles and it is the peace within yourself that you are waiting for. You are the lightbearers that will create a better place to live. However, and this is important to hear, the only responsibility you have in this process is to create your own life on Earth in the most joy filled manner you can think of. You are the ones who will lead by example for others by creating a life in JOY. In order to be able to do this you must accept that you are here on Earth, in a human body and in a world where money is an energy that gives you the ability to fulfill your dreams of a good home, a nice vacation and an economically secure existence.

YOU are a human on Earth! You must focus on yourself and your own life if you are to create it. You must be the one that spends time to feel your feelings. Feel how good it feels when you sit down and think about what it is you want? From what you have today, have you done the best of yourself today? Have you done the best with your hair and have you put on the clothes that you really want to wear today? What is it that your heart is trying to convey to yourself? What kind of feelings are you experiencing?

Dear Lightbeings, you lived in a delusion. You have been misguided to believe that you have a responsibility for others doing well and feeling well. You have believed that it is your responsibility that others should not have difficult feelings – that you always must be the ones that listen to others and solve their problems rather than listening to yourselves and solve your own problems. All people are here with the same toolbox that you have. All people have the opportunity to listen to themselves and their heart. All people have the opportunity to make the choice to spend more time to see and find the joy where they are in their lives.

There is a fear among many of you to be those that succeed with creating a good human life on Earth. You think it is no good to do good things for yourselves rather than for others. However, if you do good things for both yourselves and others you will guarantee being happy and spreading joy to the others in the process. Many of you have learned that it is good to put yourself to the side and help others till you keel over, because then God and then Angles will love you more than ever. That is not true! God does not judge! He loves all his children as they are. You will not be condemned by any of your guides or angels. The fact is that angels and guides are extremely good at having fun and to do nice things for themselves at the same time as they are there for you.

The light is love and joy. The dark is other matter. If you want to live in the light on Earth create the most joyful life you can imagine where you stand with both feet on the ground right now. We promise you that you will spread your light to all of those who live still in the dark. You will inspire them to change their choices. You will inspire them to start looking for their tools and make the same journey as you. You will help a lot more than you ever did before.

Accept that you are here dear lightbeings. Accept that you have chosen to come down into a human body on Earth. Accept that Earth looks the way it looks right now regardless of what you think about it. Resist the darkness on Earth and start to live your life in joy. Look for your joyful feelings instead of listening to your dark feelings. Follow your joy feelings and you will have started the most important process in your life here on Earth – The creation of your own life as human in the Light.

Peace on Earth starts with you creating peace within yourselves. A loving Earth starts with you creating joy in your own lives. You are here to be a part of the New Age on Earth. It is time to land in your body now. Accept that you are here with all that comes with it.

Become an inspiration for other to follow – become an influencer of joy!



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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