Love is our new reality

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Antarians via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, June 17, 2019

Antarians via Galaxygirl | June 17, 2019

Antarians 6/17/2019

Greetings humanity, we are the Antarians and we are delighted to reconnect through this one to you once again. For great and wondrous changes are in the making currently on both the inner and outer realms of Gaia and we see great advancements on behalf of humanity’s collective consciousness. For you, ground team, are becoming quite strong with your intentions and many of you are advancing much faster than anyone anticipated. For you are surfing the wave, riding at the forefront of these delightful cosmic rays / energies and are doing most swimmingly, pun intended (laughing).

You will begin to see anomolies of space time. Portals are opening and closing all around you, depending on your vibrational alignments as to which vibrational frequency resonates with you in that given moment. Best to keep your vibration as high as possible, indeed, and many of you are doing so very well with this that it pleases us to such great extents! Indeed, all of the galactic collective of ascended beings are monitoring your progress with tremendous love and care, trying to make it as comfortable and as smooth as possible. We are well aware that there are some on your surface world who are holding white-knuckled to the old ways. They will be unable to hold on much longer, for the vibration will simply not allow it. For Goddess Gaia has spoken, Mother / Father God have spoken, Source has deemed this experiment complete and we are all in the wrap-up stages of this.

We are the Antarians. Our forms are much greater in height and our appearance is much different than your human appearance, but we gently remind you that we are all the same. We are not carnivorous insects, no, we are benevolent, loving, healing beings of praying mantis form, and we are vibrant in hues, just as humanity is of many colors. We offer our healing balm to you now. If you would like to connect with this healing encodement simply intend it to be. Ask your higher self and your favorite ascended master to be on either side of you for this may be intense for your systems. Love. With your approval, we now bathe your form, your cells in crystalline love / light of the highest order of several dimensions up from where you are currently. We will not define a number to it, for vibrations, tones, are not as hard-fixed as you have been told. There are multidimensional layers / levels to a dimensional field. And as many of you are on a different vibrational field, a 5/6 blessing may not be high enough to advance you. Indeed, many of you are higher, which is a magnificent quandary to have. And so we open up the field of the Christed love light to you, 2 levels up to your most current advancement, with the approval of your higher self and the blessing of your favorite guide. Be ascended in form. Be the Christ light in form, functioning in perfect rhythm with the music of the spheres. Feel the music of the universe flow through you, like a fine-tuning fork of great power, aligning. Feel your cells resonate with the higher ways, with the higher Christed light that shimmers and moves all through your four body systems and surrounding your aura, healing any cracks and holes that may have been marks of old memories and woundings. Now you are a shimmering being of crystalline. Feel the liquid light move through you like thick rainbow light, fine-tuning you for the solstice burst. Yes, you have had many bursts, and today holds many as well. But you have been using these to get ready for more, and as more is in your very near now, we encourage you to sit with in this field of Christed light plasma waves that we are encasing your form in, in a protective sphere, bubble of intention, of purity, of love, of healing.

We are the Antarians. Please feel free to invite the Arcturians and the Pleiadian healing teams to surround you as well, to amplify this, to prepare you for the coming wave of waves. We know that there has been much chatter about “the big one” and all of that stuff and nonsense, for really, every wave is big if you are unprepared for it, and one can drown in the smallest of waves. And so, surfers, boards up, get ready to ride. Be fortified, be buoyed up by this lovely plasma light encodement. Our intention is for you to be as completely prepared as possible.

We are the Antarians. We love you completely and offer our support whether it be healing, or vibrational upliftment or camaraderie. We are here to support you in whichever way is needed and by the looks of things, we see that you are doing very well, which is tremendously exciting. You are teaching us all, ascending humans, about fortitude, sheer will and grit. Tenacity in form, that is you, ground team. We salute you in love, we embrace you with our plasma Christed light and we pass the torch of the Christed flame to you, for you are lighting up the world. We love you. We are the Antarians. Our large eyes are shining tears of joy. Be ignited, be healed, and be ready to lead for you are most surely needed. And of course you are most completely supported. Please remember we are always here for you. We are the Antarians.

~ galaxygirl