Love is our new reality

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The Antarians via Galaxygirl, October 27th, 2017

Message from the Antarians for October 27, 2017

Hello friends.

We are the Antarians. We wish to speak with you today of hope, for through your Human vision, which is presently limited, chaos and war and deceit abound. We wish to remind you, and assure you, that these are mere illusions, for the time of great change is indeed here, on your planet, in this Now.

Be at peace and be comforted, for the time is ripe for change, for growth, is it not? Are you not ready for something more, much more? Indeed we know that you are, for you tell your teams repeatedly during your dream times where you are tutored and appraised of the daily situations- sagas, on your Earth. She is such a beautiful planet, highly regarded in many galaxies besides your own.

We are not from your part of time, or your neck of the woods, as you would colloquially say. (Your Human phrases are well known and enjoyed, for you are known for your wit with words.) We are the praying mantis people, and we don’t mind saying so because your species on your planet is a vague representation of our form.

For you see, Earth in all of her beauty was selected to be the garden of life, the great library for genetic representation. Many of your animals represent many of us, highly advanced species who eons ago placed in your Petri dish a small scale version of us. So yes, movies like Guardians of the Galaxy (we have to be educated in your Earth culture, do we not?) and Star Wars, Space Balls – you get the picture – there are many representations of animal-like beings that are fully sentient in their own right, fully operable and sovereign.

Well, there you have it. We are all one large, albeit varied, happy family. Please don’t be startled by our insectiod appearance, for we are quite friendly and loving and a bit of an older race than your own. It is true as Kryon recently said that you are indeed the “new kids on the block”. So compared to you, we are older and wiser – some would say ancient -but yet, so are aspects of you.

This should not come as a surprise to you, to those who are following our messages. You are learning and growing, expanding beyond that which previously you understood to be your limited view of reality. We assure you reality is anything but, and we assure you, to those adventurers out there, you will never be bored, unless you choose to rest. And when you are rested and ready, you will dive in again and lend your light and energy to the great cosmic dance of light and dark, of creative potential and delight and creation.

Please remember all of this is within you. Listen to the stillness within and there you will find your peace. You all can learn a lot from our little species, our “mini-mes” for they sit and appear to be praying as their name implies, totally at peace and at one with their surroundings. Learn to do this. It will serve you greatly in your quest for ascension, which is coming closer by the second, as your timeline for ascension is literally closing in all around you. Rest in this truth. Find your peace, for the world so desperately needs it. It is why you are here, to lend your light, your peace, your joy and your loving presence to situations that lack these attributes. ‘Tis true.

Please remember when disclosure comes in full force people may be alarmed. Be calm. Be reassuring. Be the light that you are, that we see that you are. Do not succumb to anything less than the Christ-like perfection that is within you, but you must choose to be that. In all situations, be love.

Do not be startled by the appearance of those who are outwardly different than you. Drink in the sunlight as we do – it is our food – and let it fortify you, for you will be requiring more and more and more light as you evolve towards more of the higher dimensions. No more slogging through the mud! It is your time to rise.

We love you. We bid you a pleasant farewell. We are the Antarians.

— Submitted by galaxygirl