Love is our new reality

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The Antarians via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 15th, 2018



Antarians 3/15/18

We are the Antarians. We greet you now with hearts spaces open wide and send loving healing energy to your forms now. For we enjoy the healing arts as well as music and sometimes we enjoy combining them together for truly majestic experiences that elevate and calm the senses.

You, dear ones, are now currently undergoing a truly majestic experience as you are assisting your dear Gaia as she births her higher dimensional self, none too easy a feat. For in many ways dear ones, you are rebirthing that of your own selves, your own conceptions of what is possible and what is not; for as your world expands, you expand with it. Such is the nature of inter-dimensional travel and expansion. As you become more attune to that of your own needs and how they echo those of your dear planet Gaia, you increase your assistance to her, which is your role as planetary protector, of which you all are and promised that you would be.

It is time to remember your promises now as the electromagnetic storms of the cosmos and the echoing human consciousness interplays and echos these changings. For you are changing rapidly, are you not? We see the fear being exchanged for hope in the eyes and murmurings of humans as they are beginning to awaken and to realize the spell that has long held them captive is breaking.

And what awaits you dear ones, on the other side of remembering and of ascension? More and more light, more of yourself and greater freedoms and powers and joys than ever before will once again be available to you, master creators of form. For you are remembering who you are.

Several of our beautiful planets have undergone similar ascension pathways but please remember and know that all ascension journeys are unique, even for planets. Gaia is breaking the mold and being exquisitely courageous as she processes her damage and healing as well as that of humanity’s darkness and forgetting. This is why the transmuters came; to assist deeply your planetary Mother, Gaia. And to share your light with the others and to find your own light within. It is the endless self discovery and self illumination as we grow.

We all grow, expand, ruminate and explore. It is our nature to be free to be ourselves. Sadly, few humans know who they are, let alone be free to be it. Self discovery time is here human leaders. Are you ready? We think you are. We have every confidence in our human friends who have the battle scars to prove they are ready. Please remember these are new energies that you are testing with your toes in the water. Leadership must be done in Love for it to be successful, for Love and service are the new modes of leadership, of operation in this new paradigm of Nova Gaia.

You are in the process of the great planetary birth of the new from the old way of things. It is time to ground to the new Earth and to ground to your own inner strength within – for there you will find your voice. And as you speak for Gaia and for her kingdoms and as you speak for the others in both silent service and active leadership you will become that who you are, just more-so.

You came here to expand, to see and to feel and to play in the diminished dimensions where you could be anything and play any role and make any decision so that you could learn. You have learned your lessons well. It is time for a new chapter, a New Earth to be written. And you friends, are the ones writing it. And we are privileged to be able to bear witness to this great evolution of dimension, of form, from dark to light and from without to grace.

It is time to begin to truly see with your heart. For many of us, of our kind, do look a bit different from your form, but remember that you likely have a version of yourself experiencing itself in our forms as well, which is why we can say it truly doesn’t really matter. For in the end we are truly all one and all having our own soul growth journeys. But please practice seeing with the heart-mind to both heighten your discernment and expand your possibilities.

For with Source, all things are possible, are they not? And if not created yet will be. And you are honing your skills now. We see and appreciate this that you are ready whether you think so or not, we assure you that you are.

We Antarians have indeed enjoyed connecting and communing with you this day. We are here for you Humanity, in this time of the great infamous changeover. And you are the ones leading the way, carrying the torch into new horizons. We salute you. Now go and serve and in so doing you will find your own healing and soul growth that you seek.

We are the Antarians.

~ galaxygirl