Love is our new reality

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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff, November 26, 2015

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff, November 26, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called knowingness which is an inner way of knowing through listening to the voice within that tells the individual things they could not actually know based on logic. Each individual has spiritual powers that they possess and the capability to function at high levels of perception, clarity, creativity and intuitive knowingness. As they learn to trust and utilize new ways of perceiving and communicating with their inner knowingness, they reawaken subtle senses that work in their everyday lives. They experience a flow of information and synchronicity that offers them guidance and validation through their intuition. Intuitive knowingness is a solid, unwavering and simple knowledge that may not make sense but is a knowing of things to happen. It is important that one appreciates their own inner knowingness and trust in it, as this is the voice of their divine guidance speaking to them. Knowing ones inner self requires a high level of introspection and self awareness. It is a process of discovery that is a life long journey. To know ones inner self is the first step of living a conscious life of ones own making.

Each individual has that aspect within them that is able to bring them divine guidance. It gives them sensitivity to the subtle worlds that exist in the invisible realms around them. There is clarity of direction that allows them to become attuned to that insight that is able to flow from their divine essence. They become empowered through this higher level of knowing and consciousness. Divine consciousness, with its capacity for bestowing inner knowingness has always been available to every individual. It opens them to a whole new level of awareness. It begins a lifelong process of living from insight, rather than making decisions strictly from ones conscious mind. The more one relaxes in a state of trust and allows themselves to be infused with the divine presence that leads them, the more the quality of conscious living becomes their everyday reality. Each individual has the power to access their own deep wisdom, and use it to create a better life. Every day of their life is a learning journey in the discovery of what they stand for. The more they uncover and reveal about themselves, the more clearly they are able to live in a conscious manner.

As one becomes still and quiet enough within themselves to be able to feel their inner being, it allows a greater mind to emerge and reveal its wisdom. This prepares them for greater revelation and for true insight from that space inside of them that has their most important answers. In its purest form, intuitive knowingness is a neutral, calm awareness. Knowingness will take one towards what feels true to them, that deeper calling within them to live their life aligned with their heart, mind and soul. Living by ones intuitive knowingness takes them where they want to go. They will find their way and will know exactly what their calling is when the time is right and they are ready to listen by trusting self and their inner knowingness. No one can tell another person what they are here on Earth to do or the right time to do something. This is their life and they alone must live it. They have the right to their choices and can even enjoy the mistakes they have made and learn from them. They can enjoy all their triumphs and then let them go, opening themselves to ever greater experiences.

The unknown is really all that there is. Life is constantly shifting in ways that one can never logically or rationally know, for everyone is a part of a greater existence and its power and consciousness dwells within them. To reclaim trust in divine truth is to become aware of ones inner wisdom, authenticity and knowingness. Seeing the divine order in one’s self as a wise being filled with light and energy of love is an intuitive and wise knowingness. It connects them to their innermost wisdom and the knowledge that lies beneath the surface of intellectual thinking. It requires a willingness to have an open mind and to look deep within and trust and accept what ones wisdom reveals to them. Each individual has the wisdom within them to make the transformation to being more empowered and open to change. They thrive by continuously learning, growing and looking beyond external life to discover what they really want for themselves in order to really enjoy their lives.

As one aligns with their inner self, they make a commitment to ensure that every action they take will move them toward full alignment with this higher presence. This comes about as a result of ones conscious effort and intention. Knowingness is a connection to an unexplainable intuitive guidance and the guidance one receives from this wise and loving presence is often protective to them. Each individual has access to this aware and watchful guidance inside them. In order to benefit from its guidance and direction, they must learn to trust that their intuitive knowingness is accurate. A lifetime of experience teaches them that the key to benefiting from their internal knowingness is that they learn to trust its wisdom over their conscious surface thoughts. Each individual receives these intuitive knowingness messages each day. It is important that they act on their higher inner knowingness as it brings its guidance to their awareness. To have the best, safest and most happy life possible, it pays to trust ones inner knowingness. Without fail, each time one courageously acts upon its protective, loving, and responsible guidance, their life is greatly enhanced.

May you always hear your inner intuitive knowingness and allow yourself to be fully present in each moment of your life.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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