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The Council via Ron Head, November 24th

Thanksgiving – The Council

councilThe Council

This is the week of Thanksgiving in your country. It is appropriate to be thankful at any time of course. But let us look again at this topic today.

Naturally, when you gather to celebrate, most of you will make at least a perfunctory effort to be a little thankful for what you have. Most of those reading these messages do far more than that. And many of you are becoming quite successful at holding such feelings, may we say such prayers, during many moments of your days.

We are going to suggest that you do something, add something, a little different on this holiday. And for those of you that are not having a holiday this week, you may do this, as well.

What we propose – and it will not be something you never do – is that you spend some time on that day giving thanks for the things that you have given the intent to manifest into your lives. Imagine them, see them, feel them, smell them, and perceive them in every way that you are able. Know that they are indeed yours and be truly thankful that this is so, and also that you are able to do this with ever increasing ease.

And if you would like another little suggestion, do not leave your own higher being and consciousness out of the equation. Be thankful to you, too. That part of you, in becoming more and more an active participant in your day to day life, is clearly deserving of a bit of thanks, also. And although it does not need it, it will certainly appreciate it.

And now, we would offer you another practice, again something that many already do, but for those who do not yet do so, we think would be of great benefit in raising your vibration and happiness quotient.

Find a little notepad or something similar, and use it for the following exercise from now until the end of the year. On each page, write the date and the numbers 1 through 10. Before the end of each day, list ten things that you are grateful for that day. If some things are listed on many days, that is perfectly alright. If you soon find yourself making the notations throughout the day, so much the better. Moving into an attitude of gratitude as you say, is the whole point after all.

Often we are asked, what can I do to get my life moving? Well, this is certainly something you can do. And it will be painless. This we promise. Once again, it is a good idea to include those things that you are manifesting. Once, however, might be best for these things. You do not want to move into a permanent state of seeing them as ‘on the way’. What you want to do is recognize, beyond doubt, that they are yours.

We wish each and every one who reads this message all the very best at this time. Know that we are intending now and always that your growth and awakening continue as rapidly as is consistent with your well-being. And know that we are grateful for your presence in your world and your every effort. Be at peace in your hearts. And be well.


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