Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, June 5th, 2017

Greetings, Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light. I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we greet you in this moment, a timeless moment embellished in a field of  ‘unconditional love’.

Dear Human, every soul in duality is seeking answers, striving on their levels, to understand the great mystery of life. But mastery of  this noble quest, cannot be achieved thru a Guru or from books. It must be lived & learned, personally,  individually, by each soul on the path.

It is experience that spawns wisdom. The answers of life’s meaning, of life’s purpose and the seeming enigma of death are discovered individually in the challenging paths and roadways of human life.  And that path, Dear Ones, involves many intersections and illusive forks in the road that may lead one astray.

Forks in the Road

One of the tell-tale ways to recognize you are in the latter stages of your soul-lessoning curriculum in the ‘University of Earth’ is that the forks in the road appear much more subtle, more complex … and the right direction to take is much less apparent. For as each soul advances along the path of mastery, the ‘forks in the road’ are no often longer clear-cut ‘black & white’ choices. Most of the more complex are in rather nebulous shades of gray….and the choices of which way to proceed are far less obvious.

The 2nd Saturn Return

When humans enter the 8th seven-year cycle, and complete the second Saturn Return, usually

between the chronological ages of 56 to 59 (for most), a peculiar and  interesting attitudinal shift often occurs, perhaps initially unnoticed…and eminently quite subtle.

But change does indeed occur as you enter this  different chapter. For it is in this latter ‘chapter’ of the book of life, that for most of you, changes in environ logically and naturally occur. Some of you will become ’empty nesters’, as children leave home and partnerships, relationships often shift, in an understandable cause and effect scenario. Marriages may end, or change in subtle but polarizing ways, especially as you enter retirement or come to the latter stages of job careers.

You will also, to varying degrees in this phase, suddenly become much more aware of your mortality. This awareness often provokes deep consideration into what you have done thus far in your lifetime, and what you still wish to complete. How you react to this new focus, will determine to no small measure, what you do with your remaining years.

The 2nd ‘Saturn-Return’ is an important period in which purposed re-examination of the self is extremely relevant, and appropriate. And be assured,  the 2nd Saturn return will affect all of you, whether or not you are an advocate of or non-believer of astrological science. Moods will change, in the planetary gravitation shift of the Saturn Return.

Age & Attitude

As humans age, it is not uncommon for people in this transitory phase of life, to unfortunately feel the ‘best years have passed’ and become more rigidly set in their ways….and less open to self-examination.

Those that live alone will lack the input of a life-partner, and may fall into eccentric, even delusional behavior. Those with a life partner, may tend to be less willing to receive criticisms regarding behavioral shifts or attitudinal stiffening. Both scenarios can have the same ‘hardening’ result.

Masters, never think that any phase of your life is without purpose. Nothing could be further from the truth. We assure you that every moment of one’s precious time on Earth is ingrained with soulful meaning, aspiration, pre-set goals, and noble desideratum. So it is of great & greater importance, that you do not allow yourself to fall into apathy or attitudinal rigidity as you enter later stages of life.

The issue of rigidity, is in essence, a loss of ‘well-being-ness’. A feeling of being stagnant that can infect attitudes from a variety of distorted beliefs.

Hardening of the Heart

Masters, we say again, becoming age-set in your ways is an error that must be avoided. And it can be avoided by recognizing the importance of this stage of life.

Dear Ones,  if a behavioral mindset of rigidity is allowed to take root, it will grow, and become over time, increasingly more difficult to overcome.

There are two primary generalizations of how toxic rigidity can express itself:
1) As arrogant rigidity – no longer willing to self-review.

2) As surrendered rigidity –  a skewed belief that the best years are over.

If one sadly surrenders to the erroneous belief that the best years are over, and life has little purpose, attitudinal atrophy emerges.  No matter what your linear age, all you have is the present, and you must know that the now is not given at the mercy of yesterday’s completion, nor tomorrows fear. You do not retire from life while you are alive! Every moment must be faced energetically, with an attitude of promise and hope in order to allow fluidity of ‘life-stream’.

And Masters ,  fluidity of life stream flow requires constant adjustment, constant vigilance!

Becoming rigid can degrade, spiral downward into spiritual atrophy, even among spiritual seekers.

The most hardened souls of arrogant rigidity, are people of, strong will, convinced of their self-righteousness, blocking criticisms, and blindly determined to have their own way.  Such people literally live “in a world of their own” in which the self reigns supreme, above reproach. And Masters, any time one becomes infallible in their own mind, they become static.

Sadly the effected often choose to be unaware of the rigidity. The constructed self-insulation is usually unseen, and thus blinds their ability to see fault in self. The attitude can digress into one of arrogant self-satisfaction, and control of others. But again, people in this situation are often unaware because they refuse to submit to close self-review.

This form of rigidity, is in truth a distorted hardening of the heart… a form of ego imbalance. In its worse case , it can lead to  narcissism, characterized by stubbornness, an un-submitted, un-giving will of skewed disconcern. This rigidity, cuts off the balancing inflow of streaming consciousness.

A tangent of age rigidity can also occur in rejection of circumstances. Non-acceptance of aging and a sense of being helpless. Individually, each of these scenarios are to varying degrees the result of fear, hopelessness, apathy or a combination of these negative fear-based emotions which lead into  despair.

All of these fracture the aura, which automatically lowers resistance, lowers the body’s ability of defenses. Not only do such declining states of emotional / mental distress lower the body-physical defenses, they change the body’s chemistries, alter its balances, and initiate ‘dis-ease’ conditions…..

Live Streaming

Streaming consciousness is vastly different from  ‘static’ consciousness.  Rigidity is static, ‘cut-off’ consciousness, whereas stream of consciousness is fluid, nurturing and involves a natural & mentally healthy process of constant self-calibration. Stream of Consciousness allows for the higher state, the subconscious, which is the source of higher-self, of divinity.

Self-discipline is of course, at the top of the list of requisite values for a good life. There are no easy ways to enlightenment, and commitment and responsibility are core to spawning seeds of fullfilment.

Masters, the conditions we are discussing can & do occur in all phases of life, however there is a greater tendency of attitudes to become rigid in the latter stages of human life. There are times in life, that many feel tired, and for one reason or another, stop making the necessary effort. They may at a certain stage, feel their ‘Experiential View of Reality’ is quite complete, virtually sacrosanct, and no new knowledge is needed. They ‘give-up’ and rest on their laurels, most commonly at the end of the ‘middle-age’ phases of life, entering into the second Saturn return.

It is as if they have arrived at a false summit, or perhaps simply get lazy or tired.

So many of you see ‘retirement age’ as a time to let go of learning, and simply ‘rest’. Open mindedness is subtly replaced by a narrow view of their ‘aging’ reality.  Only the rare few continue until the moment of death openly and devotedly exploring the mystery of reality, constantly and expanding, refining, calibrating and redefining their understanding of the world and all that is virtuous & true.

We tell you, all on the ‘true and righteous’ path seek to remain within balance.  The righteous seek to retain a humble sense of ‘groundedness’, and are mentally stable. These souls will  submit themselves one way or another to something higher than themselves, be it God or truth or love or some other noble esoteric altruistic ideal….They believe in what is real, what is factually valid, actually true ,rather than the illusion of what they  project as true.

Avoiding Age Despair

Despair moves faster than a contagious disease, or any outward carrier of a given malady. The mental state of depression/despair brings about the activation of something akin to a passive virus. But in truth, despair is anything but passive Despair may seem passive, because it is often self-inflicted when one erroneously feels any exterior action for change is hopeless … but be assured, the inner fires of despair, the flames of depression, destructively rage inwardly.

If you are plagued by feelings of depression, sadness or a sense of inadequacy, be aware that it is only by looking deeply and closely within the ‘self you know’, the self of every-day life, that your own reality can be scrutinized, understood  and re-calibrated in order to re-vitalize life a joyful experience.

It is wrong to live in sadness, or to ‘give-up’. And it is only in self-review, however painful,  that resolutions & benevolent answers are found.

And Masters, such review must juxtapose, side by side for comparison, the everyday self with, the ideals in place of the ‘higher-self,’ inner identity.  There must be a willingness, an acquiescence, a desire to find the differences combined with the determined will to take actions required to correct them.

Masters, as we have said repeatedly, if you do not take the time to examine your own subjective states, then you cannot complain if the same conditions repeat themselves over and over in your life. If one remains ‘depressed’, if one remains in a state of despair, if many answers seem to elude you, then, for one reason or another,  you have not taken the effort to truly examine yourself.

Make the Effort !

In life, through every precious moment of life, effort is required. The idea that a fruitful life, a productive life is easy, is a great falsehood. Virtually all lessons in life, were gained through not only facing challenges, but overcoming them in a positive manner. Aging, growing gracefully into ‘senior’ years  is the period ripe for, intended for the collation, the harvesting  of wisdom … and to express that knowledge in joy.

Meeting Challenges

Masters, your religious texts state : ‘It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into heaven…”

The true meaning of this text, is that you select lifetimes with challenges in order to grow. A lifetime of wealth in which all needs are ‘given’ , while perhaps easier in 3d-material aspect,  does not necessarily force one to work….and unfortunately oft allows for development of  negative characteristics, such as arrogance, entitlement and control of others.

Buddhism teaches that each soul chooses challenges in order to grow. And that a life without challenges, offers limited gain. A wise soul chooses a life requiring effort, with planned set-ups that are challenging and difficult.

Edgar Cayce stated that masterful souls will select a relatively ‘comfortable/easy’ life only one out of each four or five lifetimes. And that 75 to 80 percent of incarnations are chosen sojourns  filled with select ‘set-ups’, soul-contract challenges,  which lead to soul-growth and development.


Life can be difficult, and that is a noble truth. It is often only when one is seemingly caged by difficult obstacles, that one faces the challenges and transcends them.

Life will always have its stresses, from family,  work & finances. It’s unavoidable and can cause a barrage of health problems like sleeplessness, depression, and heart disease. But people of wisdom have learned to manage their stress. Whether it’s meditation, exercise, or just taking a couple minutes for yourself every day to unplug from worry, computers, television and phones. Focus on worry will attract to you the very things you fear.

Find a group of like-minded seekers, and involve yourself with people of all ages. Sacred travel, metaphysical conferences and spiritual books are excellent ways to keep busy. Find joy and live it, laugh! Laughter and enjoyment are valid means of rejuvenation.  The person who expresses joy, the person who learns how to be happy is able of changing their world, shifting their reality for the better. Obtaining joy, involves truly appreciating life, and that achievement knows no better time to complete that the ‘golden years’.

Finding happiness and maintaining joy is one of the most important achievements for any soul seeking mastery to achieve. And in the senior years, it is of utmost importance to seek joy, and live each moment fully, vibrantly!  You are not cosmic beings who come down to earth realms to merely ‘work and then die’.

You are spirits who have chosen to grow and part of that process is learning to express yourselves vivaciously, blissfully through the precious joy of life.  Those that tell you that the best years of life are in the past, are unwise, and do not know that the ‘now moment ‘ is ever the point of power.

Seethe day Dearhearts ! Embrace the moment ! Create love, create joy !

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. You are Beloved !

And So it is…And it is So…