Love is our new reality

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Archangel Metatron via Melanie Beckler, October 22nd


Transformation Through Love- Archangel Metatron Through Melanie Beckler

Archangel Metatron connects in this channeled angel message which will assist you in connecting with the powerful transformational energy of love which offers you an opportunity to begin something new, or redirect your course, aligning with your highest and best possible path.

This message will help you through this time of transformation by offering light filled and specific spiritual guidance.


I am Archangel Metatron, and I greet you in this now moment, in a vortex of unconditional love and light and unity energy.

I invite you to relax your body and your mind and tune in now to your heart, for as you have heard, love is the way to accelerate your evolution. Love is the way to manifest blessings, abundance and joy in your life. Love will open your spiritual channels, anchor you in the new crystalline energy of earth, and align you with your highest and best possible purpose.

And dear one all this is true. Love serves you. Open your heart. Integrate this love energy into your being, allowing love to flow in to you, around you and through you. Feel your heart open wider than it has ever been.
Wide open heart.

You are safe in a place, you are protected. And indeed, this new level of opening through love allows you in this now, this very moment, to become realigned with the path that is indeed for your highest good.

You will be given opportunity after opportunity to realign with your highest potential, your divine path and blueprint. Understand that if you choose actions, thoughts, situations that are not in line with what you really want, with what is your authentic path, you will feel off.

The light energy on the planet now is strong. It is powerful and it is potent. And its purpose is to realign you with who you are becoming, with who you authentically are as spiritual being, and with what your higher self truly wants.

Moving into maintaining your love vibration in the fifth dimension as you live in peace, this is a transition you are embarking on. And so, know that during this emotionally charged time, it will be easy for you to give in to your mind, to give in to your fears and doubts, especially when large challenges and changes appear on your path, confronting you.

But remember, the challenges are opportunities for you to realign. And so, as an example; when a job is lost, there is the higher, greater position awaiting you. If you choose to give into fear, into scarcity and into lack by focusing on your lost job, you will not align with this new higher manifestation. But if you accept the challenge as it is given to you, embrace that you are in the midst of a new life lesson and new opportunities are opening before you. Then and only then, only with love and with acceptance, can you move forward and align with the greatness that is in escrow that is ready to manifest in your life. You can choose to align with these blessings.

This transitional period is powerful. It may feel or be considered chaotic, and there will be many turns and bends and bumps. But it is important for you to remember that, ultimately, the goal is to bring you closer to God, closer to your authentic self, closer to the enlightened, evolved spiritual being that you are becoming.

What on your path no longer serves you? Be willing to release these things in the new energy, for when you do, a greater, higher vibration will enter. And so, release your addictions, release your fears and doubts, and open. Open to allow joy and friendship, prosperity, companionship and love into your life. These are the vibrations that serve you in this new energy.

Be patient with yourself and, in every moment, observe. What are you feeling? Are you focused on thoughts that are causing you to feel bad? Do you have a knot in your stomach? Is there tension being held in your body? Observe your mind, observe your feelings and know that anything that does not feel good, does not feel right, does not feel like it is propelling you and aligning you with what you really want, release it.

Right now, let any tension from the past few days. Let these tensions you have experienced along with doubts or fears, or feelings of uncertainty come into your awareness. Let these feelings or states of being resonate in your body, feel them now and then release them into the light.

Remember that whenever you feel something that is not enjoyable, that is not what you really want, release it with your thoughts, “Angels, take this pain from me, release it into the light.” And in doing so, you create space for love energy, for crystalline light to fill your being and accelerate your evolution, aligning you with love, with God, with peace, joy, vitality and abundance.

You deserve this. You walk this path. Remember, now is an emotionally charged time. And so, when someone says something that strikes you the wrong way, release it. Do not hold onto these dense feelings, judgements or grudges for they merely weigh you down. When stress and tension and chaos fill your mind, your body, and your reality, take a moment to just be. Allow this energy to be, become aware of it and then release your grip upon it, opening yourself up to experience the peace you deserve, the love and light you deserve.

You are moving, as humanity and as an individual, into the higher realms, the realms of light. This is not an easy transition, but you are supported throughout the ascension process. Remember the fundamental practice here of releasing your hold of that which you do not want, will allow that which you do to enter into your life.

You deserve all the best that the world has to offer and you are supported in aligning with this. But it takes your focus and your commitment. Plant positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. Replace the subconscious fears and doubts with new affirmations and intentions for what you do want and desire. Write down everything that you want. Feel like you already have these things, these feelings, and the joy you feel they will bring. Experience what it will feel like to have what you want, to be in the energy of love, peace and abundance, and give thanks for these future manifestations you desire now. Trust that through this process of change you are going through now, great blessings can and will manifest in your life.
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When challenges happen, accept them, and give thanks for them knowing they seek to align you with your highest and greatest good. Ask, “What lesson am I needing to learn here?” Tune in to your heart and feel the answer, know the answer, learn the lesson, and then be open to the idea that greater aspect of this challenge that will appear.

What is on the other side when you make it through the challenge? What are you becoming? What is falling away to make room for something even better? Choose this perspective now. You are ready and you are supported in taking a huge leap in your development, in your growth.
Duality is the world in which you live, yes. But you no longer have to experience suffering when you release attachment to what is. Learn lessons, rise above challenges, and integrate the light available to you.

Love each other, love yourself and know that, indeed, great blessings await you. Challenges…? Release attachment to these, and when the challenge appears, remember that love, compassion and patience are your allies in completing the lesson, in rising above the challenge, and experiencing the outcome or blessing on the other side.

Love serves you, love raises your vibration, love sustains you. Open your heart to this, allow love to flow through you and to cleanse you.
And finally now, imagine a shield of light around your energy body and around your aura, protecting you. Return to this protective shield often, for it is true that with your auric field intact, strong, negative entities, attachments and negative energy from others cannot latch onto you.

It is through negative thinking, fear, doubt and other damage to your aura that you become susceptible to these negative experiences. So keep your auric fields strong and intact, support yourself with healthy foods, pure water and light energy, positive words and thoughts.

Do this and you shall succeed in your mission here on earth. You will make it through this great transformation and change, and you will be able to step into the next highest version of yourself, the spiritual being that awaits you to integrate.

You are ready. Choose love, choose light, go with the flow, and know all things are possible for you. Allow, trust and love.

I am Metatron. I leave you with many blessings of the light and with the reminder that I am always near. Call upon me for assistance and I shall answer, greeting you once again in the now, in unconditional love and light.

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Embodied Enlightenment: Why Wait? By Maria Chambers

On my own journey of ascension, of embodying spirit, I have discovered some things that surprised me. One being that my soul, my Divine I Am is just wanting to love me, and not just a kind of ‘New Agey’ moment love. But a deep, respectful, abiding and unconditional love. She wants to feel my essence as much as I want to feel hers.

At the earlier stages of my awakening I wanted to bring my soul in closer so that my body could come back into more balance. But what I discovered was having her in my body just feels so damned good! THAT became my motivation for bringing her in closer and closer.

Sometimes I feel her as a sense of peace wafting over me, and sometimes as a sensual awareness of my surroundings, a blissed-out feeling. I often refer to it as being stoned without the paranoia. And sometimes I experience my soul as a full-on sexual energy. Some refer to it as a kundalini or life force energy.

Being aware of my soul in my body sometimes feels like rapture and like I am being made love to. It used to feel awkward because I was having trouble connecting the dots: Feeling sexual and spirit at the same time? Certainly not what I was taught in Sunday School!

But our soul is sensual and it’s why it loves expressing through physical bodies! The human body offers so much. Touch, smell, sound, taste and seeing the world around us. It’s like our soul wants to dive deep into its own painting or sculpture and bring life to it.

As an artist I infuse my soul into all my creations: my drawings, paintings, writing, music and videos. They all come alive because as my soul I infuse my radiance into them. And those art forms may have all kinds of technical ‘imperfections’ in them yet the soulful essence of the expression overrides any so-called ‘flaws.’

So it is with our soul wanting to express through us, without concern for our so-called imperfections and flaws, but are they? Or are they just part of the unique fabric of our life that keeps evolving, and transforming?

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Some people are concerned that they have lost their passion for being here, but perhaps they are just letting go of old passions and allowing in a new one. No longer feeling passion that came from drama. No longer having to have a ‘mission’ or ‘purpose’ like healing others or saving the planet, but instead just enjoying life here in these bodies.

Yes, even in these bodies that we feel at times have betrayed us. Bodies that get sick, break down, get diseases. Yet the healing comes from the passion to be here. Yes, at times it feels like a catch-22…we know consciousness affects our health and well-being profoundly, but how we feel in these bodies affects our life and our consciousness as well.

But at a certain point it’s to let that all go and just say, “what the hell! I am just going to go for it! I am going to just love me just where I’m at and allow my soul to come in and see what happens.”

And along the way I have discovered as I just allow, it sets up a dynamic in which my soul gets the green light and comes in even closer. Then I feel great and carefree and it seems to open up a desire to express. And then to share those expressions. And that place is delicious.

Another part of all this is letting go of what we perceived as a ‘spiritual’ person. We cannot take that picture with us into our enlightenment. You know, the one in which we walk around curing the sick. Or we have infinite patience, always poised, wise and issue free. There will be times when we will feel utterly impatient with the 3D world. With those who try to feed off of us. We will need to let go of the idea of a being who has transcended their human body, or has become a super-human. In fact, it’s about coming ‘down to earth’ not in the sense of becoming more logical or mental, but in terms of being more present in our bodies. Our bodies don’t need to be completely integrated either before we achieve that state of enlightenment.

All of the physical issues eventually do come back into balance as we integrate our light body. But it’s not about waiting for some future state of ‘perfection’ before inviting our soul into our life and our bodies. Why deny ourselves the best of all worlds, and the most fulfilling of experiences?

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