Benjamin Fuldford Update, October 24th

Benjamin Fulford Update – Mass arrests and extrajudicial killings going on as part of cabal takedown – October 24, 2016

Mass arrests and extrajudicial killings going on as part of cabal takedown

Benjamin Fulford

October 24, 2016

There is serious fighting going on as 43 different national militaries begin a coordinated take-down of the Khazarian mafia, Pentagon sources say. Meanwhile, a source in one of the families that owns the Federal Reserve Board says that all fund “blockages we are experiencing in the USA are due to the Bush/Clinton & Rothchilds & Rockefeller crime families. We were told that they issued a firm threat that the ‘entire family’ would be killed of ANYONE who releases or receives any of the RV, redemption bonds or currency exchanges funds.”

The fight is also getting personal for this writer. This morning 9 goons from the Tokyo Tax office burst into my home and began seizing property. They work for Yuriko Koike, the Tokyo Governor and Khazarian mafia stooge who was fraudulently elected recently. All the money in my bank accounts, including that earned from this blog, has also been seized. Anybody with even a remote connection to me is being subjected to similar harassment including whistleblowing lawyers having their law licenses revoked. Gangsters from both factions of the Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza syndicate have also informed me that Rothschild Japan agent Michael Greenberg is trying to hire hitmen to have me killed. My webmaster has also been hit with a cancer causing poison by these same murderous gangsters.

The reason for this is because this blog has exposed the Khazarian mafia’s crimes, especially their privately owned central bank fraud scheme.

There have also been at least 3 honey traps (beautiful women who unnaturally try to make themselves available to me) sent my way in the past week. Other honest journalists and whistleblowers are experiencing similar things and the best advice is to avoid regular hang outs and new friends until this all blows over, presumably by November 8th.

The battle is expected to intensify over the coming two weeks as the US Presidential election approaches. Here NSA and other agency whistleblowers have revealed that Hillary Clinton (or whatever look-alike or clone who is pretending to be her) reports to Evelyn de Rothschild. Donald Trump, for his part, reports to Israeli gangster Roy Cohen, according to CIA and NSA sources. “I would rather have the Israeli Mafia in power than the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller crime family,” was how one (Jewish) CIA source described the Presidential election battle.

In either case, the fact the US government is threatening to arrest Russian diplomats if they try to verify the upcoming election is free and fair is a clear indication the whole election campaign is a giant fraud.

In any case, Pentagon sources keep saying it will be none of the above. Head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford met with Korean and Japanese top military brass on October 14th and the military chiefs of 43 nations on October 17th to discuss “the final takedown of the cabal on all continents,” Pentagon sources says. This is how Pentagon sources describe the situation: “The Cabal sealed their fate with multiple assassination attempts on Dunford, which in turn sped up mass arrests, extrajudicials, GCR [Global Currency Reset] and a new financial system based on
gold priced in Shanghai.”

Now that the Chinese Yuan is in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket, the next step will be to incorporate the Iran Rial as a part of the SDR and as currency for the Middle-East while the Zimbabwe Dollar will join the SDR as a currency for Africa, the Pentagon sources say.
Once the Khazarian mafia loses their magic money machine, the last of the mercenary armies and assassins still in their employ will have no choice to surrender or retire.

There are now moves afoot as well to take away the Khazarian mafia’s control of the corporate media, especially in the United States. That is why AT&T is being allowed to buy Time Warner after Comcast was blocked from buying it, the Pentagon sources say. The US Khazarian mafia is using both Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to try to block the merger, the sources say. However, “The merger might still get approved because what is not good for the Jewish mafia is good for America,” the Pentagon source said. Certainly the corporate media in the United States is now so degenerate and full of lies that new ownership, and anti-trust action, is definitely needed if people are to once again hear the truth on so-called mainstream media.

There is also a huge information war raging around Wikileaks and Julian Assange these days that is probably part of a sophisticated take-down of Khazarian cabal disinformation. Wikileaks and Assange have always been part of a Khazarian mob disinformation scam as can be seen by their shady track record and widespread positive coverage in corporate media propaganda rags like Time Magazine. For a good background on this, please read the article at this link:

Continue Reading at ….


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