Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael – Help Meditation for Gaia’s Ascension, September 15th, 2023

Archangel Michael – Help Meditation for Gaia’s Ascension

Note: Read so you know the content of the meditation and listen to the original meditation, as it contains the energy of the Being of Light.

So I ask everyone, now to sit comfortably and place your feet on the floor. The ground where you are does not need to be Gaia’s dirt floor. Take a few deep breaths. At this moment I am in front of you, Sananda is on your right side and Maria is on your left side. Behind you there is a large dragon with open wings covering your entire rear.

Now, in this moment, bring the image of the planet to your mind on this beautiful blue planet. See it running. Bring this image in front of you. Place the planet between your hands. You will be able to touch the planet.

Now Imagine the element of water. As you know – water elemental dragons present themselves and they circulate around the planet, calming, bringing balance, balance of emotions, balance of reactions, balance of all processes.

See the little dragons circling around the planet up, down, one way, the other, cleaning what can be cleaned on the planet. Now the water elementals are gone.

And come the air elemental dragons. They make the same movement, flapping their wings vigorously, putting out all the fires, turning the places over, expanding the energies, moving the still energies and bringing the balance of the wind and air. The air elemental dragons are gone.

Now Earth’s elemental dragons circle the planet, bringing balance to the tectonic plates, bringing balance to the depths of the planet. The inner layers of the planet. At this moment, all the intra-terrestrial brothers help in this balance, emanating Love and Light into the bowels of the planet. Now the Earth’s dragons are gone.

And now the fire elemental dragons arrive and circle the planet, transmuting, transforming the energies that need to be transmuted, reducing the load of negative energy to be disturbed. The fire elemental dragons bring energy that moves, that changes, that transforms. And now they leave.

The four elements will act on the planet, helping Gaia to become a little lighter and not need to have so much strength to do what is necessary.

Now, from the center of your chest comes a large beam of pink Light that covers the entire planet, surrounding each brother in Love and Light. Feel the energy of your brothers. Emanate, emanate a lot of Love!

Now that beam begins to diminish and Gaia is grateful to each of you for so much Love and so much help.

Look at the planet now, in your hands. It shines. It shines so brightly that you no longer see the blue.

This is how each of you does your part. Donate your energy and help the planet and your brothers at this time – We are one. We are all around you, reinforcing everything that was emanated and leaving you with all our energy and our Love.

Now we move away. The planet is no longer in your hands, but He is in your heart.

Remember you are a piece of Gaia. The time has come for you to repay her for everything she has given you, for her entire soul existence.

Be grateful! At this time, we leave you once again with all our energy. And this dragon that has placed itself on your back from now on will always be there. Each chose one of you. He is a companion and protector. Be grateful for this gift and know how to use it with Love and respect.

Take another deep breath and you can open your eyes.