Love is our new reality

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The Time Travelers – Every Moment Is A New Beginning, September 13th, 2023

Every moment is a new beginning.


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13.09.2023 The time travelers

“The entry into the sphere of the earth means to enter an interval of dependencies, delays and successive courses. Time-dependent and time-independent modules of creation knowledge flow into each other and complement each other in the sphere, as part of the evolutionary plan.

A departure into a new era of the sequence of time causes strong changes in parts of the earth’s crusts and the beginning of great changes in being human. As a group of a researching unit, we go in and out, in the cycle of adjustments of light, for a new earth unit.

We have come to complete our mission and calibrate the light spectra of the rise of light to a new level. From this point of view, the light causes a course that raises the human consciousness of a stronger assignment to the omnipresent consciousness of creation. This creates adaptation processes and decision-making in human events, changes on the soul level, as well as in the rhythm of life of this time.

Strong surges of consciousness make it possible to recognize the whole and the recognition of the self, which is integrated into life. We see you in a far-reaching transformation. This transformation takes place in stages. Each stage has its own energy and fulfills its purpose of being. To experience the eternal now means, in a stronger form, to be aware of oneself, to align one’s thoughts and actions in the now, in the awareness that everything has an effect and an origin.

Effects and behavior lead to changes. The clarity of consciousness arises from the recognition of the complete image of himself. The clearer you act in your perfect expressions, the clearer and purer the results that life reflects as reality.

Our task is to bring in the light of knowledge so that awakening processes accelerate. This process in the now means a different perception of time and the rhythm of life. A different focus on the light causes a turning into itself, for the adoption of a new, graduate adaptation of life. Every soul is able to integrate itself into this new rhythm of the present time.

We are the “adherence moments” of this time, for a new status in the earth’s ascent. Dimensions-following, energy changes cause the recognition and capture of the full light in itself. Our great reverence goes to the light-bringers and all souls who have embarked on the path of incarnation to embody part of the upheaval into reality.

Constant growth includes flexibility in being. Important things become less important for the rhythm of one’s own growth. The light is included in each of your breaths. The light connects with you, it communicates with your cells and your paths. As friends of adaptation, we give you the hint to open up willingly to the light.

You were born from the light of creation, and your frequency vibrates depending on your vibration and the resonance to the light. Make life in you and outside of you adapt to the higher levels of existence in which the qualities of love are reflected.

A high light spectrum in the earth’s core was achieved. A wide spectrum of light that runs through the earth and serves the lattice of love is a constant part of the birth of the new earth unit. The knowledge flows through you. Intuitively, you will learn ways, guidelines and possibilities for a higher self-expression.

With great love we stand by you and give you a blessing of light. Every moment is a new beginning. In the hierarchy of the constant now moment, you will learn from now on more stable and original.”


The light beings of the INTAURA galaxy return to the expansion of light on earth. Adaptation processes lead to changes in consciousness and growth. As time travelers, the beings of light switch between the now of the singularity of their galaxy, into the life, emerging in cycles, which penetrates the earth and its living beings. At the same time, light connects and nourishes all life processes, depending on the evolutionary growth and expansion process. Each dimension can include different experience and moments of adaptation.