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Archangel Michael: The Cauldron of Creation – Color, Light and Revitalization, June 12, 2024

Archangel Michael: The Cauldron of Creation – Color, Light and Revitalization

by Celia Fenn

The Cauldron of Creation: Color, Light and Revitalization

The Brilliant colors of the Auroras that were seen worldwide in May of 2024 were a manifestation of great changes on the Earth and in the Galaxy.

The New Tree of Life template was activated via the Tree of Grace. The battle between Good and Evil that was the hallmark of Duality gave way to the Flow of Grace and Love that is expressed on Earth as Divine Love and Support from the Higher Levels of Light.

These new energies were activated worldwide via the Grids of the Scared Sites that were once the sites of the Great Sacred Trees that connected together to form the Web of Life on Earth.

And so, as you activate the new Tree of Life Template in your Heart, you too become part of this Sacred Network of the New Earth.

These powerful vortexes and spirals of the new energy are the Cauldron of Creation of the New Earth. The Colors and Lights and Frequencies are helping to revitalize the Earth and activate the New Creation.

This intensity explains why you may have been feeling strange in the last weeks as you access the Sacred New Earth grids.

Here are some of the feelings you may have experienced.

On the Physical level:

Feeling very tired to the point of exhaustion. This is because your physical body is reconfiguring your DNA to align with the new templates and frequencies. This may include Muscle aches and pains and spasms, especially in the legs and upper back and neck areas. You will need to rest and practice self-care. Don’t push yourself.

Feeling the Need to drink much more water and to eat simple organic foods where possible. The I to support the deep cleansing and changes in your body.

Very intense dreams that often have messages for you.

Feeling drawn to Nature and to be a part of the revitalization of Nature. Wanting to experience a complete immersion in nature, to feel the love and support of nature and trees and wildlife.

Feeling drawn to Natural Medicine and Energy Medicine.

On the Mental/Emotional Level:

A need to slow down. Time seems to be moving too fast and the faster you run the more exhausted you become. In the higher dimensions you have to slow down and breathe deeply to be able to work with these incoming Light Codes.

The need to live from an Open Heart and in alignment with Love and Compassion.

Deep Feelings of Peace and Harmony at times when you manage to slow down.

Feeling a need to live somewhere else or being moved by circumstances to your “new place”.

Feeling the need to change your work or mission but not being sure what the next step will be because it hasn’t manifested yet.

Feeling called to be a New Earth Way shower.

Feeling the need to find your Tribe or Community.

Feeling very “feely” with deep emotions from bliss to sadness. Feeling all of your feelings including vulnerability.

Feeling the need to create relationships where all people are empowered and loved and able to express their highest level of being.

On the Spiritual Level:

Deep feelings of connection to your Higher Self and Galactic/Star Self.

Knowing you are a Human Angel and a Galactic Being of Light.

Feelings of Grace and being supported by Divine Love.

Feeling blessed and living in abundance.

Deep love and compassion for all forms of life on Earth.

Wanting to serve Humanity and the New Earth for the highest good.

Wanting to express your Soul and Higher Self at all times.

These feelings are all indicators that you have moved to the threshold of the great shift into Higher Consciousness as a way shower, and that you will guide many people to this place of anticipation and joy.

May your path be blessed with love and joy at all times.