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Archangel Michael via Linda Dillon, September 4th

Archangel Michael on the Galactics and Hoarding

michaelWhat are our star families doing behind the scenes? Are we approaching a time when hoarding will be needed? 

Archangel Michael answers these questions (and others that I’ll be posting on shortly). 

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 2, 2016. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: You need to be very clear on what your star family has been busy doing. …

Steve: What has our star family been doing?

AAM: Your star family, aside from the implementation of their various teams, in every sector and walk of life – they have been the mild-mannered housewife to a very powerful individual – have been working both on and off planet with financial reorganization, with political reorganization, with the implementation of certain human beings into the Intergalactic Council.

They have been intervening in war. They have been catching missiles, bombs, defusing explosives – not entirely, not yet. (1) They have been infiltrating what you can think of as aberrant forces. And we use that term not to delineate that there are those who are good and bad, which is an old concept, but simply those who are trying to promote war or mayhem or abuse.

They have been subtly and actually upgrading your technology, the practical technology for everyday use. They have been creating situations where many more of what you think of as human beings are visiting the various ships and familiarizing themselves not only with family and friends, but technology, healing, communication. They have been extraordinarily busy.

Steve: Wow. Can I release that description that you’ve just given?

AAM: You most certainly can.

Steve: Oh, wonderful.  Now the notion that we need to stock up on living necessities for a month, is that accurate?

AAM: It is not accurate. This is the fear….

You are seeing the old patterns come to the forefront. So what you are witnessing is those who have very clear memories, current and long histories, of enslavement, saying the “masters” – and that takes many forms, cabal, Illuminati, those in power, those I don’t agree with – are going to do nasty things to me and so I have need to enter into a realm of extreme protection so that I can hide away.

Now at the same time you and we are saying there is massive change. Spring has already come. The floodgates are open.

The new paradigms are anchored. People’s hearts are expanding.  Your systems are shifting. You are awaiting blessings of all kinds.

There is a dichotomy here that is of the old duality polarity. So there are people who are saying, “Yes, we are engaging in the new and by the way I am really afraid and I am going to go away and hide.”

That is not the job or the path of lightworkers.

Are there shortages in certain areas of your planet. Yes, and there have been for a very long time.

But the purpose of these changes that we are very actively speaking about and that we are all with you working upon – you as the implementation team, we as your backup – are positive. [You are not meant] to be cowering in the corner hoarding. That is of the old.

So the opening of those floodgates means the wherewithal, and the political wherewithal – and I use that in the small ‘P” political – to make sure that food is available for everyone.  A very practical example.

So when you hoard, what you are doing is that you are reinforcing the old – that you are in need, that you cannot create, that you cannot bring forth.

It is always wise to keep water and some food on hand, simply ase you want to spend the day in quiet reflection. But to hoard makes no sense. It is not our guidance. It is not what is needed.


(1) While the galactics have prevented any nuclear bomb being exploded on the planet or in space, Earth forces have tried to simulate nuclear explosions by using large quantities of conventional explosives.

Our star family would not permit World War III to occur so readers can ignore messages that say such a thing would happen. Anyone wishing to pursue the matter is directed to “The Victory of the Light” at; and especially “No Nuclear Explosions and No Nuclear War” at