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Talking Wind via Ann Dahlberg, September 4th

Talking Wind

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Talking Wind and I have come today to greet the new times that are approaching. It is a time of joy for my people and for Mother Earth. Indeed, for all people on Earth that long for peace this is a day to celebrate. We should take each other by the hand and dance around together and let laughter and joy sound through the air. We enter the golden kingdom of peace now. We start a new time together, a time without time, where we can just be and care for each other, everybody are friends and the animals graze peacefully together. We enter a new paradise, the paradise we left so long ago. There are many experiences that we take with us into the Golden Kingdom that is now spreading on Earth.

Awareness of this kingdom exists already with some people – they understand that it is already here. Mother Earth has chosen and she is already in this Golden Kingdom. This means that the consciousness on Earth will accelerate at an ever faster pace, as the surface world also is showered with this consciousness. The consciousness enters your bodies and affects your cells and your DNA. Everything might feel a bit confusing, as if you have been deeply asleep and you are not quite sure where you are when you wake up.

I am a big friend of nature and animals and I advocate that you spend much time in nature or together with animals and plants. This has a healing effect on your bodies and helps you keep the balance you need, when these high energies penetrate our bodies and earth today. It is important that you ground yourself, so that the balance can be maintained and so that you can integrate these energies in your body. This is when your consciousness grows and you understand where you are heading. If you loose your balance you do not know which path to choose nor do you understand what is happening. The risk is that you get confused and fall ill.

Be in your body! Be in your heart!

Let the heart and common sense direct you. Think and feel before you act. Calm your ego and let your heart speak, and all will be well. The heart knows your path and your path will be easier if you follow your inner voice, your inner guidance. We all face different choices today. If you make your choices in love and joy all will be well. Have trust in yourself and the guidance you get. See the signs all around you. There are signs all over that show which path you should take. Do not hesitate! Follow your instinct. Stand firmly with both feet on the ground and your heart will show you your path.

See the light, see the trees, see the animals, feel the vibrations that pour towards you. You are One, you share this together. You enter the Golden Kingdom together. You help and support each other. It is when you are in the now and listen carefully that you can understand this. You can all help and support each other now. You are heading towards the kingdom of love and joy, so let go of fear and worries. Instead let the love essence pour over you.

It is with much joy that you greet this kingdom.

I send all my love to Mother Earth and to all of you who live in and on her.

I have spoken.

Talking Wind




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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