Love is our new reality

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Talking Wind via Ann Dahlberg, 14 februari

Talking Wind

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Talking Wind and I was an Indian Chief a very long time ago, and my name is not recorded in your history. During my time one could still eat and enjoy Mother Earth’s wonderful gifts. The water was fresh and there were plenty of animals on the lands we occupied. Everybody could enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth. We lived in harmonic resonance with each other. We honored Mother Earth and gave thanks for her gifts. Everything on Earth was for all who lived on it. Nobody could own it, since Mother Earth owned it. We were a part of the whole.

This changed, as you know well. Greediness took over and our Holy Mother was forgotten. Our Dear Mother Earth was subjected to much evil of various kinds. Her dying scream was heard in space and many light beings came to her rescue.

The Light that we have waited for is here now. It flows and shines over our Dear Mother Earth again. My eyes fill with tears as I see how she slowly has recovered. What would we be without our Dear Mother Earth – nothing. Nothing can live without her. We are all a part of her. Let us remember our lesson and understand what is important in life. It is Love, Respect and Responsibility.


Love for everything that exists.

Respect for everything alive.

Responsibility that all live and develop to their highest potential.


I am one of you, and you are one of me. We belong together, and we do this together. Now we are building this new world together, with completely new conditions, as it is Love and Light that leads the way.

Many wise and prudent old women and men have tried to show this to us, but we have been blind and deaf to their wisdom. Finally mankind has awakened and the joy is great on Earth and in Heaven. The sun shines on all regardless if you are good or evil, so let Love shine on all without judgment or anger. Life on Earth is too short for us to harbor ill will towards each other. Instead pour out Love and rejoice in the new times that we are now entering.

I have spoken,

Talking Wind



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan