Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson, June 3d

The Perfection of the Creator by Archangel Michael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  3rd June 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

It is with love and angelic blessings that I, Archangel Michael, come forth to greet you. In the depths of my heart, I hold the vibration of the Perfection of the Creator which I radiate abundantly over and through your being. The vibration of the Perfection of the Creator exists within all beings; it is a natural aspect of your essence, soul and truth, and yet it is something which at this time is being activated more fully and drawn to your attention. The beings of Venus who continue to share their energy of sacred love with you and the Earth throughout 2016 are encouraging love to flow through numerous levels of your being. At this time, their love is anchoring into the levels and vibrations of your soul or divine essence triggering the activation of the Perfection of the Creator within you. When the Perfection Vibration of the Creator activates, it can create a series of new embodiments of light and self as well as the dawning of new perspectives.

The Perfection of the Creator is present within all aspects of the universe of the Creator at varying degrees of energy. The Perfection of the Creator we can recognise as the essence, the true vibration and consciousness of the Creator. Within its vibration is oneness, peace, love, knowingness and in truth all that is the Creator. It is a combination of what we imagine the supreme Creator or Source of All That Is, to be. In order to connect with and experience the Perfection of the Creator, there is a need to focus upon, surrender to and accept the Divine Flow of the Creator. The Divine Flow we can imagine as a continuous current of life force energy flowing through us, guiding us forth, energising and awakening us further. The Divine Flow can feel as if it is an abstract energy which is separate to us as expressions and beings of the Creator and yet the Divine Flow of the Creator extends from every being upon the Earth and the inner planes.

It is your acceptance of the Divine Flow which leads you to recognition and experience of the Perfection of the Creator. Both are the same energy and yet by recognising different aspects of this natural essence of your being you will move into a state of harmony with the Perfection of the Creator. Thus, you will be able to recognise the Perfection of the Creator within yourself and others continuously.

‘I surrender to the Divine Flow of the Creator.’ The meaning of this is that you let go of your attachment to controlling your being, reality and others. You also let go of your attachment to being right, feeling superior to others, judging, arguing, feelings of need, fear, pain and so forth. Surrendering your attachment allows you to recognise that there is a guiding light within you, a knowingness and a sacred goal which is continuously supporting you in every moment. It is not that you let go of all responsibility for your life, actions, thoughts and feelings. More so you take responsibility realising that all of your experiences, situations, actions, habits, perspectives, past, present and future are born from you. With this realisation, you seek within you and connect to your pure essence placing your attention on the Divine Flow thus you realise when your entire being is in harmony with the essence within you so you simply flow through life with ease and perfection.

The process of ascension at this time is to harmonise with the divine essence, vibration and frequency within in order to exist in the Divine Flow of the Creator. Ways to recognise when harmonisation is taking place is life flows easily, there is a deeper presence of love; synchronicities manifest, and greater self-awareness unfolds. Then you will know that you are bonding, connecting with or experiencing the Perfection of the Creator.

I, Archangel Michael recognise the Perfection of the Creator as a seat of light within my soul which I can connect with or retreat to in order to fully experience the Perfection of the Creator. It is an awe-inspiring experience and simply miraculous, akin to observing all the beauty and truth of the Creator as well as recognising the unity of all. In order to more fully recognise and experience the Perfection of the Creator, there is a need to let go of your current perspectives and beliefs concerning Perfection.

Take a moment to imagine yourself as perfection. You may imagine yourself with certain abilities, looks, material objects, enlightenment and so forth. Observe the beliefs you have about what perfection is for you and how you project your beliefs of what perfection is onto other people in your life causing you to either place them on a pedestal or judge them for their lack of achievements. Consider that other people’s beliefs and perspectives of perfection may be completely different to yours. This indicates that perfection recognised by the mind and mental body is not perfection at all, simply perspectives born from past experiences and judgments. With acknowledgement of your own beliefs concerning perfection you will recognise the need to surrender to the Divine Flow of the Creator thus let go of your attachments to your beliefs concerning perfection. This can be achieved through simply recognising and holding the intention of letting go or releasing the energy, perspective or belief. Another perspective connected to perfection that some may hold is an inability to even contemplate perfection. If this is born from fear, then there is a need to send healing to the fear especially if perfection seems unobtainable.

Perfection is a natural aspect of your being; it could be described as a state of enlightenment. It cannot truly be explained in words or by the mind; it can be experienced and felt. Perfection is not a way of acting upon the Earth nor is it having everything you want, it is a state of connection and harmony with the Creator where truth is revealed to you. ‘I am the Perfection of the Creator.’ This symbolises that you are as one in unity, harmony and connection with the Creator. This will impact the way you exist upon the Earth however it may not be aligned with your beliefs of perfection. In truth, your beliefs of what perfection is and can be are limitations, your connection to the perfection of the Creator is limitless and so you will embody and experience a perfection which is beyond your imagination. A statement which you may hear others saying when they are in alignment with the Perfection of the Creator could be, ‘It just feels right.’ This means that there is a feeling of inner knowingness within which is empowering them. The words right and correct indicate that there is only one true way and yet the Perfection of the Creator manifests in numerous continuously expansive ways. Again there is a need to detach from the words right and correct. In doing so you will realise that everything you experience and perceive is right/ correct/ appropriate for you alone. You cannot imprint your ideas onto another, therefore, that which you and everyone experiences within is appropriate for the individual. Saying this everyone accesses the Perfection of the Creator and has the right to express this fully and creatively from within the core of their being.

With the energy flowing from Venus into your being activating the Perfection of the Creator within you this is a wonderful opportunity to take time to focus upon, explore and become familiar with this sacred state. You will find it to be a state of great inspiration and healing. Focusing upon embodying the Perfection of the Creator will also serve you well, encouraging you to ascend at a quicker speed, embodying greater supreme light and consciousness. There is a purpose for activating and acknowledging your inner perfection energy born from the Creator; each time you focus upon expressing love from your being the vibration of perfection will flow. This when received by others will be extremely healing as it will allow for illusion and ego to step aside not only allowing the individual to experience love, to feel or sense their true self. The perfection energy of the Creator, when expressed with love will allow many to acknowledge, sense and accept their true self. It may manifest as a vision, sound, vibration or feeling. This will allow them to make powerful shifts which move them into a space of conscious awareness and memory of the Creator. Imagine each person on the Earth receiving love and then witnessing their true / higher / soul self, maybe for the first time in this lifetime. It is truly magical, and you have the ability to facilitate these shifts and healings. Through your own exploration of the energy of Creator Perfection within you your awareness of your true/ higher / soul self will expand dramatically. Thus, you will feel you are being carried forth by the Divine Flow of the Creator experiencing truth in every moment.

Call forth my energies, Archangel Michael, as well as the beings of Venus. Allow yourself to first focus upon receiving our love and presence with each breath you inhale.

Connect into the love within your being until you feel or sense it fully.

Affirm until you sense the affirmation is true in your experience, ‘I surrender to the Divine Flow of the Creator.’

Affirm until you sense the affirmation is true or feel it within your being, ‘I am the Perfection of the Creator.’ Let the affirmation guide you into the vibration and energy of the Creator’s Perfection within you.

Enjoy the experience of exploring the Perfection of the Creator within you for as long as you wish.

Then acknowledge that every time you emanate love you are emanating the Perfection of the Creator. Experience this for a few moments.

This exercise can be practiced as often as you wish and will intensify with experience.

With blessings of Creator Perfection,

Archangel Michael


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