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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 3d


Friday, June 3d, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Jesus also called Sananda, which is my real name. Something big is happening on Earth today. The Light is shining brighter than ever and one by one you are all waking up. My heart is flowing over with Love for you all today, whether you live in a micro community or a macro community. Earth is now climbing upwards with big steps. It is a joy to see all the activity happening on Earth today. Gaia is breathing a sigh of relief, because now it is sunshine that has taken over on Earth. The Light is at your feet, dear Earthlings. You just have to step into it. The dark has had its era, now it is the light that has taken over.

We share your joy and salute your successes entering the bright spring that it yours. One thing will follow another. Everybody will soon see and understand that a new era is coming. More and more willing hands will volunteer to sign up to correct the balance on Earth and to clean up after you. We are a part of Earth and need the same natural products as it does. All we do for Our Earth we also do for ourselves.

It is truly worth celebrating that so many are beginning to understand their true mission on Earth – the task to heal and change Earth and ourselves back to our divine origins. This was the major mission that you had when you choose to come down to Earth at this time. Some of you have prepared the way so that others could finish the work. We are all a part of this large cogwheel. Everybody is needed in order for the machinery to work. You are all important and the most important part is that you find your way to your own heart. The more hearts there are tied together the easier it is for you to take off.

You are already hovering, dear Earthlings, you hover already slight above ground. It will not take long before you lift yourselves up the “New World” that already is yours. Yes, it is yours, nothing can any longer stop your path up into the light. Mother Earth has already started to enter the fifth dimension and many of you have come along with her. Slowly the whole globe is on its way into the light dimension, and those of you who choose to come with her. More and more are choosing this now, whether they are light or dark. Everybody is getting the help they need to move on now.

All you need to do is to follow your heart and you will find the answer there. Your soul is intimately connected with your higher self and your guides, so he/she knows exactly the right path for you to follow. Listen inside and understand that you are not alone. You have many around you and all wish you well. They wish to help as mush as they can and are allowed to. You have to give them permission to help you, in order for them to do it. Ask for help and you will receive. Ask for answers and you will have answers. It is your own guidance that we are talking about. You all have it – you just need to look for it.

Find a place in peace and quite, where you can be still and feel how good you are feeling. Still yourself and seek inside yourself and you will find the guidance that you need in order to take the next step in your life. The steps lead up all the time, but the staircase is getting smaller and smaller. In the end there is only Light and you are One with the Supreme Source of Light – The Creator of all that is. We are all a part of Our Creator, who also is part of us.

Love is now flowing all over Earth and it gives you the hope you need to move on further into the light, where you belong.

I love you so much.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

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