Love is our new reality

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Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, November 5th

Archangel Raphael

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Raphael and today I wish to CONGRATULATE all of you on Earth. You have prepared the way for the new development that now slowly is spreading around the Earth. Your beautiful visions are now about to manifest and it is a joy to see the joy that is spreading in its tracks. Your strong intentions to help your fellow man that suffer from lack and need warm our hearts up here and there are many tears of joy that are rolling down our cheeks. After all we are all One so it concerns us all regardless of where we are, down on Earth or above it. You do not lack fantasy or creativity. It is a rich flow of visions that now flourish in the collective consciousness. It is all there for all to take part of and use, if one has the possibility.

Everybody has the opportunity to do something. It only depends on your intentions and your own focus. What are you focusing on? Is it for the highest good for yourselves and your fellow man or have you gotten stuck in doubt and powerlessness? Go into your heart into the calm room that exists there. You have all your strength there, no room for doubt there, there is only room for love and love has wings and can fly exactly where it wants to. Love carries you wherever your dreams live. Your dream can be fulfilled here and now if your focus and intention is strong enough. Your focus needs to be in your heart and affirm the dream that lives there. Do not let fear stop you, invite it and share the table with your, so that you understand all is perfect and that your dream is the most important thing in the world. Work hand in hand with yourself and let the feelings flow, but do not let yourselves be absorbed by them. They are a part of your expression, but you do not consist of them. You experience through them, but you can yourself choose to what degree you want to experience them. You do not need to let them take over your life. The risk is then that the horizon is dimmed and you cannot see clearly. Sometimes you need to take a step back from one’s feelings to get a better perspective on the reality you live in. Ask us for help if you find it difficult. Go into your heart and find the peace you seek. Suddenly you will find the answers there. The answers you have tried to analyze for weeks you suddenly find there without the slightest effort. You hardly believe in them, in spite of the fact that they feel true and logical at the moment. Dare to accept the answers you get and trust your inner guidance. The highest perspective can be found there, but you cannot see it yet. You do not have the whole picture. This is where the whole comes in that we have spoken so much about. Those that have trust have it easier to get out of a difficult situation than those that do not. They can get entangled yet more and make it more difficult for themselves.

What do I want to say with this? Have trust in yourself and your heart. The guidance you get there is true and important for you to listen to, so that you do not have to stumble so much. Your Self collaborates with your higher guides and brings you home again to the place where you belong – In safety and security in God’s wonderful embrace where nothing else but love exists. You are love, dear children. We are all love and now we will finally understand it again on a more conscious level in your physical bodies. We are with you. We are right among you and send you our love healing, which already exists there. You are pure love beings that have chosen to incarnate on Earth to get the experiences your soul needed to grow yet more in grandeur and love.

God be with you. All love to you. I send you love. Call on me if you need help to heal yourselves.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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