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Veritas’ Status Report, November 5th

“Admiral’s Early Bond Releases” – Veritas Report – November 5, 2016

Received via email at 6:37 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

It’s only been a few short weeks since I began sharing my thoughts with you. For years, I simply used this resource as an information source, something to read late at night after the long day’s work.

Why did I suddenly come forward and begin to voice my information?

It is a position of vulnerability, surely. One opens to all types of criticism and comments, something I tend to avoid, preferring to stay in the background quietly.

Over the years, my own contacts have grown to be such that I lost any doubt as to what is happening and what may happen in our country. I came to look outward, to other countries for business investment and the future. I lost hope that it could get better here. To be honest, I felt that the corruption here was so immense, so deep and all-encompassing, that it could never be overcome. I gave up on the country that I was raised to love. My family history has deep and visible roots in the very beginnings when America became America. I never imagined that there would be a time I would harbor such doubts, yet there I was.

That is why I began writing. I saw a despair, even an anger, in many as time went along and it was the “next week” phrase, the eternal “almost there” that had driven me so crazy before I met and interacted daily with so many individuals actually fighting this fight, so to speak. I couldn’t remain silent any longer.

Tonight I sit here very soberly, watching once again with a hope for the United States.

It is not the time for despair but for real hope.

It is not the time for discouragement but for action.

It is not the time for hate but for love.

Not since the beginning of our country has there truly been such a need for the intelligent, thoughtful, loyal and determined citizens to be involved. As a currency exchange participant, you should truly feel good because that action alone sets you apart; makes you actively involved in changing how things will happen from now on.

Perhaps in the beginning it was a move to get ahead; a way to catch up; a way to multiply your money and change your financial position. I would solidly bet that it isn’t just about that for you now.

I’ll bet that, like me, you have regained a hope that we can fix our country.

That thought is the one I want to flame tonight, particularly if you feel uncertain or are faltering under this enormous deluge of information and political slime.

Don’t give up.

This is not a fight over political parties. This is a war to the death of good vs. evil. It is the ultimate battle of truth over use of ignorance to manipulate and control. It is the choice of self-decisive life over mindless submission in order to avoid taking responsibility.

This is why I respect those fighting behind the scenes, risking and sometimes losing their lives for us in ways we would never imagine. If only I could share fully all that I now know and have seen and witnessed! I can only share with you the conviction I have gained from this education. It is essential to leave our naivety behind and to wake up to all that is involved; even to assist directly – even if it is merely our positive, energetic and powerful thinking that we throw into the mix.

Your thoughts and actions are so very important. This moment in time is a turning point for all of us, one individual at a time. Together, we are a vast army of intelligent, determined people who simply won’t take it any more.

I realize I go on, but you asked and I feel impassioned to answer straight from my being.

Don’t give up.


Where are we?

First let me share the status of the Admiral’s transactions I mentioned in my last post that the Admiral’s transactions had released and that we had a few individuals on our team that have received and can spend. When the flood of obvious total releases did not occur, I did a detailed back trail research into those that had. Each was traced back to early historical bond releases, the very few that were allowed to already go out from Reno. Each had a small portion as an up-front deposit with the remainder to be released via traveling to Hong Kong. I should have investigated to this level prior to stating what I did, however, I share with you now the final results. So, yes, some were received and released; the majority are still stuck in the vast morass of “Paymaster” where they are held for final release pending the great “go” for which we all wait. Now you know that I am infallible. I will be more thorough in the future.

You ask when the 800 registration number will release. I will share what I can.

Sometimes I feel like we are all standing at a vortex of immense proportions and complexity. There are a hundred different ways that it can go, it seems.

I love how an Admiral friend put it the other day, “There is not a scenario that isn’t already fully planned out. It is coming down and in full control.” It looks anything but, doesn’t it?

I do think that everything is going to be as we would like to see it.

I frankly thought that the full release of the Admiral’s should have already occurred. That is partly why I didn’t write today, just sitting here in anticipation of it and not needing to see what else might be up. Obviously that didn’t happen. I just know that it will.

At this point I can only share my opinion, but based on all the exposure that I have.

  • I know that everything is totally prepared. All funds are in final accounts, fully primed, just waiting authorization for use.
  • I know that everyone that needs to be in Reno to make this happen is there and ready to go.
  • I know that behind the scenes, the most unbelievable military actions are taking place, not because they are anticipated to be needed, but because this is all driven from the military and face it, they prepare for anything. I have personally witnessed several locations and the activity I mention. When I inquire if we are going to see some action, the military advises “NESARA” as the single reason. I think of the vast resources being displayed and I realize how deeply the military have prepared financially to have the ability to sustain such a massive preparation and readiness.
  • I know that I would want the humble and sweet Melania Trump to be the type of first lady we can have over the shrill-voiced and harsh-faced example of leadership that Clinton uses to bully into submission behind that very large smile I am tired of seeing.
  • I know that I am in a state of readiness to receive the 800 registration number as requested by those informing me and who move my own funds. In all the years of waiting, it simply has never been like this. There isn’t anything else that needs to happen. They all know it. They all are ready 24/7 for the final “go”.
  • I believe that at any point in time we will see a quick sequence of events that finish this. Even at the top there is such a discussion about what will happen – will the 800 registration number release prior to a NESARA announcement – will there be a public NESARA announcement or will it go behind the scenes – will they use NESARA to stop the election or will they ride it out and handle going forward after the election with an easy way forward through Trump to accomplish what needs to happen or an indictment and/or impeachment of Clinton if voting results are forced to her favor – to will the U.S. be included or excluded due to all of these difficulties.
  • I consistently receive information from the highest sources that it is all going and reassurance that all the scenarios I worry about I should stop worrying about. It is happening and soon. I certainly believe that this will be over the next few days. Again, some indicate prior to the election and over the weekend. That is the majority. One indicates a belief that they will wait to see how the election goes. When there are gag orders, the higher-ups speculate as you do.

So I sit here now with you – waiting and wondering when the exact moment will be.

It is really aggravating. I meditate, I hit the gym, I do something else.

I’m just glad I don’t hit the Red Bull like my cohorts. They drop like flies with premature heart attacks. Just sad.

The last word I have is that it may hit during the night, so once again I am up. I am certainly used to doing the night stint. If it isn’t tonight, then I still know that they are ready to hit the button and get this finished. Since the night is effectively over, I hope for action today. I know that only the NPTB will know the moment they feel is perfect to hit this button.

As I get definitive information, I will share all that I can here.

I’m glad that I have those like you to keep me company.

I want to thank you for listening to my words. To me, they are little parts of myself, shining outward like the stars of the Milky Way and spreading across a vast sky of thought. I didn’t imagine that they could really make a difference.


Copyright 2016 All rights reserved VERITAS WITTICISMS

“Dear Veritas, What Next?” – Anonymous Guest Post

I read your Intel posts with eagerness and vigor. I both respect and thank you for your efforts in keeping us informed, to the best of your ability.

In terms of the next political dominoes that are expected and/or required to fall in the near future, is there any information that you can share with us, that will guide us in knowing what political dominoes are expected and/or required to fall, over the next few 3-4 days, to bring us closer to the final domino, of receiving the 800#’s?