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Saul via Ann Dahlberg, 4 november



Friday, November 4th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Saul and I think you have done a great job here down on Earth. Gaia is happy and is sailing on here in space. She is cherished and loved and gets as much help as she needs. Many are those that bring forward their ideas and give suggestions and advice to her now. Exactly as you in your collective receive a wealth of advice and suggestions regarding how you should move on now. The same goes for all kingdoms on, underneath and above Earth. What happens in the macro also happens in the micro, as we have spoken about before. There must be a balance all the way up otherwise the balance would tilt one way or another. Then the whole falls into pieces and the result can vary considerably towards the light or the dark. This is not the case during these times that you are going through now. Everything is weighted, measured and considered so that the balance and the whole will remain all the way to the Golden Age, which now really is at your feet. It is with earthly thoughts that I give you this description. In reality it is about energies that collaborate in a subtle and conscious way so that they harmonize with each other and form the most beautiful of patterns that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Everything might appear simple from your world, but there are many factors in play. Sometimes you need to see things from above, from a higher perspective, in order to understand what is really happening on Earth today. You will know much is happening, new things happen daily for the benefit of Earth and humanity. Everything has started now so please press the start button on yourselves, regardless of where you are on your path in life. Your hearts need to be opened fully to understand all that is happening around you. Negativity and judgment you need to throw in the garbage can and instead bring in more light and love. Everything and all on Earth are perfect beings from God and are worth your respect, empathy and love. You do not need to love their actions, but you need to love the human behind the actions. This is how they grow, just as you do. Everybody is worth a friendly word and a friendly thought. It can be difficult sometimes, but with an open heart it is possible to feel some love for everybody.

We have all wrestled with our lessons and understanding for the life we live. Our journeys are different, but in many ways the same. Some have done many trips, others fewer. Nobody knows what the other one has gone through, not even themselves. It is not until when they have joined their multidimensionality that they know what experiences they have chosen and which understanding they have gained from it. Many of you took the chance to get some more experiences at the same time as they helped Mother Earth in her grand transformation with the light they carried down with them in their hearts. The whole of humanity has as a collective helped Mother Earth on her journey and she helps you in turn, all that she can, so that you can come with her to the wonderful times that now have entered into Earth’s history.

Today I came to thank you for your great courage and for your light hearts that spread their rays around Earth today. It is you who spread the light on Earth today. You get help from all your guides who strengthen these rays so that they may shine yet brighter. This also helps and strengthens your light so that you in your third dimensional reality can find the path home to who you really are and what your purpose with this journey was.

Listen inside, we are here and give you all the answers you need to have in order to move on.

With so much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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