Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Susan Leland, October 25th

Mother Mary:
“We Must Forgive ALL,
for the World to Heal!”

Ashtar On The Road
October 25, 2016

“Greetings, my Beloved Children – for all are my Children, in my eyes of Love!  For it is that I have only Love for you, High Love, unconditional Love.  And my perspective is most Loving.  And there is nothing of darkness in it.  I see your perfection only!!! 

I see the beautiful Lights you are, and I tell you that I love you. For me, you shine brighter than the brightest of stars and I Am One With You – and always with you!  And, yes, I know that there are still those in the World of third dimensional Earth who are not – or will not – allow themselves to open to be the Love You Are.

“This is an observation – it is not a judgment.  I love all, no matter whether their Hearts shine bright like yours, or whether there is darkness in them.  I love all, all of those of Planet Earth, below, on and above.  I love all members of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms. And this is where my focus is most particularly, but my Love reaches beyond the World as you know it – way beyond, out into the Universe itself!

“And I am not alone in this.  I am joined by all of the Beings of Light, of Love.  And I am joined by you, my Beloved Children, for without you, this great Miracle of Love could not be permeating, nurturing and, indeed, healing Planet Earth!!!

“And so I ask that you stay with me and as you listen to my words, open your Hearts even more, even wider and bring in even more of the LoveLight.  For along with this Love must come Compassion and Forgiveness.  Just as a mother counsels her child to forgive the bigger, stronger bully who might have hurt her child in some way, I counsel you, my Beloved Children, to forgive all those who carry any darkness within them – whether they be known to you personally, whether they have hurt you at some time in your lives, or whether they are the ones whom Ashtar calls the ‘dark hats,’ the ones that you hear about, who have enslaved most of the population of Planet Earth throughout all of these ages, because the time for the LoveLight to totally, totally heal the dark is now!!!

“And this means, my Beloved Children, that we must stand together in absolute, total Forgiveness of all of the ones who have enslaved and hurt.  Yes, even those who have hurt the young, the innocent children.  They must be forgiven!

“Now I know this is not easy.  And I know that I am asking that you offer complete Forgiveness!  And if for some of you this still represents a challenge, that is why I tell you, Beloved Ones -come. Take my hands.  Let me hug you.  Let all of us Heavenly Beings, as it were – including that part of you which is in the LoveLight, only the LoveLight – hug you, embrace you, nurture you, so that you clear out whatever is not Love!

“And then join with us in extending it to the ones of whom I speak, for they need our Forgiveness.  They need for us not to judge them for what they have done, but simply to welcome them and invite them to come to the Light!!!  In other words, it is to offer the Light to them, and if they refuse it, it is to be in such complete Forgiveness, as not to have any disappointment or feelings of rejection, and certainly not feelings of fear for what they might yet do when they let the darkness inspire them.  It is rather to assure them that they, too, are loved – they always have been and always shall be!

“Yes, there shall be an answering for the hurts they have done. But it is for us to forgive, only to forgive.  Even as the One you know as Yeshua forgave all – for the Truth was, and he spoke the Truth, ‘They know not what they do!  They are programmed. You, Beloved Ones, are in understanding that you are freeing yourselves from these programs, and no longer need to be guided by them!!!

“Ahh, such Joy it is for a Mother to see your True Selves shining forth the Light of Love!  And such Joy it is that we are here together – with this Light shining upon us, and through us, and out from us, sharing it with each other, and then extending it outward, everywhere, no exceptions.  There is no discrimination. There is no one who is any more or less worthy of receiving the LoveLight and expressing it!!!

“And so here we are in the Purity, in the Peace, and in the Sacredness of this LoveLight, together joined – joined as we have always been and always shall be in our Hearts and now throughout all of our Beings.  For this is your Homecoming, Beloved Ones.  This is where you come when you come Home in all of Your Beings – and where you are continuously, and for all time!

“Of course, you will have choices, but that is a topic for another time together, as you measure time.  For now, just be assured that you are on the Path and that I and the Beings of LoveLight are with you, every one of you, and that we are together in this wondrous Family!

“And so let us continue together, Beloved Ones, and let this great LoveLight light the way for each of you into the togetherness of our Oneness!  And if you find a bit of judgment – or a bit of Compassion that is perhaps lacking, and thus creating that judgment – put the LoveLight on it.  Join with us and together, together let us clear it from your beings and continue our journey together in the Purity of the LoveLight We Are!

“And I tell you again, my Beloved Children, I have infinite Love for you – High Dimensional, beautiful and radiant – and I see you as One With Me – a Mother to all – to nurture you, to comfort you, and to love you always, as I always have and always will!!!  Thank you, beautiful ones, for being you, for being Who You Are, and for being together on this wondrous journey Home.  And along the way, for joining in lighting the Path for all who would follow into the Realms where only Love and its Light ,and all that it engenders, can exist!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, October 25, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.