Love is our new reality

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Archangel Raphael via Linda Dillon, December 3d, 2017


Greetings, I am Archangel Raphael, Healer of the universe, servant of the Mother, blessed of the One. It is my honor, my joy, to be here with you this day. For yes, I am not a flamboyant speaker such as my sweet sister, Gabrielle, or my brother, Mi-ka-el. But that does not mean I am not just as busy and that I really have just as much to say…but seldom do I push my way to the forefront…and sweet angels of light, neither do you.

And that is why I come to this sacred circle, this is why I come to this place of loveholders, to address you, to implore you, to employ you, to seek your assistance, and to give you the conformation of that which you are doing, and doing not merely adequately, but stellar, stupendously, victoriously…for yes, the time of victory is at hand!

But what I wish to speak to you about this day is about the power if intention and the healing of intention. And you smile and you laugh, some of you, and you say, “Is intention not part of the creation formula? Does this bailiwick not belong to Raj, to Sanat Kumara?” And what I say to you, beloveds, is that we all participate…equally, generously, sweetly, softly, and fully…as do you.

The human race, the Gaians, are the Creator Race. It is yet but another term that you are known by and that is particularly of truth at this time in the evolution and the quantum shift of humanity.

Now, when I say this I do not say that part of those upon the planet are the Creator Race and the rest are lost in space. The collective, each and every being whether they know it or not, sacred children of the Mother, volunteers, implementers, are of the Creator Race. Yes it is true, there is still enormous healing to be done, particularly for those who are embracing…as if there is no tomorrow…the incoherent chaos. They are filled with static electricity and they want to touch and shock everything they see, everybody they meet. But you know with static shock or electricity, after a while it wears off, there is no charge.

Why do I wish to address you, my beloved ones? And it matters not whether you are blue or gold or pink, yellow or magenta…you are all healers. That is an inherent quality of each of you who have come at this time of change, because the fulfillment of the Dream of the Mother, the Divine Plan cannot take place, is not taking place, without enormous healing.

Now often you tend to think of healing as the fixing or the remediation of this or that wound. When I speak to you of healing this day, particularly in the sphere of intention, I am speaking of a much broader, much deeper level of understanding than simply fixing up a scratched knee, or even a wounded heart.

The healing is also the remembering and bringing into determined focus what you intend to do. If there is one area where there is a huge gap in the collective thrust forward, in this final birthing of Nova Earth and New You, it is in this holding, particularly with the Mother’s gifts of expanded clarity, it is in the deep focus of knowing, holding, and operating from clarity of intention.

What does this mean? It means, in both the big picture and the every day actions of what you intent to create, what you intend to express, what you intend to experience…that is the experience of love, the expression of love. If your intentions are not fully aligned with love, then what are you bringing forth?

So we go back and we start, yes again, at the beginning with intention. And some of you are shaking your head and saying, “Well, I don’t know what my intention is, I don’t know if I have come here to work on a world stage or simply nurture my family.” It is not an either/or, it is all of the above. And if you don’t really know the particulars of what you think of as your soul design, your mission and purpose, what I would like to tell you is let it go, it doesn’t matter. Simply declare, “My intention is to be the love and to accept that I am the love and absolutely nothing else! That I am the embodiment, I took the form to be the embodiment of love of the Mother/Father/One.” And if that isn’t a great enough purpose, then you are sadly in mistaking error.

So, every thing you do, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night and your dream time, has need to be in clarity of intention. Now I hear you and that is why I have chosen to speak to your hearts this day because you say to me, “Raphael, Raffie, you know I do know my mission and purpose, and I have made my depth of promise to the Mother, and yet somehow I get sidetracked and I find myself grumpy or brief or short or cruel or rude to people. I find myself thinking of them ‘less than’, I find myself thinking of myself as ‘less than’, as incomplete, as a work in progress.

So, I come to heal you with my emerald elixir, to fill your heart, your head, your body, your field with my emerald elixir and it is the elixir of love, it is the essence of love, and it is the essence of my being. How this elixir works is it so fills you that it brings you back to the intention of why you are here, yes, but the expression of those intentions in every single beat of your heart. So, as your heart beats, as you look at your world from the elementals, to the Rocky Mountains, to the Swiss Alps, to Victoria Falls, you see only love and you breathe only love, and you speak only love, and you touch with love, and you hold space with love, and you intend for the entire planet to experience only love. And that translates, sweet ones, into every interaction that you have.

And most importantly, because you, sweet one, you are not a work in progress and your intentions are the beginning…and let me tell you it is circular so it is the beginning and the ending. And your intention, the deepest expression of your heart was to come and experience love in form, to be an angel in form experiencing love. And renewing love, yes, but love is also self-generating and self-renewing, so the more you are steeped in the love, the more there is and it is all you can see and experience.

No, it is not being in denial, it is being the most powerful healer on the planet so that when you see someone in that incoherent chaos, when you see the murder and mayhem, as healer you apply the poultice of love because if you apply irritability or anger or fear, then that is what you are creating.

Your intentions determine the outcome of the plan. Oh yes, there is stillpoint and there is the related actions but if you do not know your starting point, in the biggest and the tiniest meaning of the word, then you are lost, you are adrift, you are unclear…and sweet angels of light, you are none of those things!

So, I give you my emerald elixir and I fill you. And I give you my golden cup that you may sip this elixir from it whenever you feel the need for love, the need for healing, the need for fortification.

I am with you. Go with my love. Farewell.