Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Elaine DeGiorgio, December 6th, 2017

Dear Children,

I Mary, the Blessed Mother of Creation come forth this day to bring forth many blessings in this hour.

We stand in this hour over lighting many hearts at this time as we pour upon thee the Divine Rays of the Threefold Flame of as you connect with the Love, the Wisdom, and the Power within your Hearts.

For the flames within you have ignited once more and my dear children it is time to truly connect within, to connect with these flames that are burning deep within each and every one of you.

For each and every one of you is the living bridge between the Dimensions of Light bringing forth Light, Love, Healing, Peace, and Abundance to the hearts of those upon the Earth. You are the anchor of Heaven upon Earth through your Love, Wisdom and Power.

You are free to move in Time and Space when you enter that Sacred Space of the Divine Chamber of the Heart where the Three Fold Flame resides and the Divine Blueprint of God/Goddess Energy that hath been downloaded into your earth bodies

Do not be dismayed during these trying times and have trust and have faith. Many Souls in their connection and reconnection are sharing their thoughts and desires at this time as the truths upon themselves unfold, as their consciousness truly awakens and many will feel alone upon this hour.

My dear children you are not alone, for indeed it is happening, I am coming forth now to awaken each and every one of you from your sleep and I am waking up even more at this time…

We are not just focusing on 144000 but the whole of humankind that desires to come forth to the Light that desires to know the Truths within.

Many will feel a great struggle during these days… many during connection will feel distortions or connect with distortions, the energy at this time is intense for there have been many that are still seeking the truths outside of themselves.

So my dear children it is time to connect with your hearts, to connect with your essence as the manifestation of Love Wisdom and Power truly unfolds.

Dear Children, there are many children being born at this time coming from the Great Central Sun coming forth to anchor the Golden Ray of Light and to prepare your Earth for the forthcoming Golden Age of Light. My Love is with these children at this time. My Heart overflows with great joy for my dear children whom have agreed to come forth into incarnation to give great service.

And to you dear Children my Children of the Star Nations, my Love and Joy is with you too for I have shed many tears for many of you have faced great challenge during this life cycle, many of you my dear children have suffered the ways of the Earth. But you should all be encouraged for you truly are and know it feels my heart with great joy to see how many of you are truly unfolding, My Love for you all radiates forth.

Remember Dear Children of the Light to connect now with yourselves, and with each other. The Harmonic Energy of the Universe is truly unfolding, We are moving your forth into a new paradigm of light.

For the flow of consciousness is unfolding, a new awareness for humanity that have not been seen since the grand days of Atlantis upon your Earth.

The connection with many Life Forms are unfolding for all have work to do upon this Divine Plan.

The Cetaceans are working gracefully upon your waters anchoring the Golden Light of the Great Central Sun and the Diamond Light Frequencies connecting with the grids upon the waterways. They are enhancing the transmissions and the Stargates that lie underneath the waters.

The Carians are working with the Air to purify and to sustain the Air. We are working with them tirelessly at this time to sustain the flow of energy and connection between the Dimensions of Light.

We are working with the Animal Spirit and the Nature Spirit for the indeed hold the keys to Mother Earth connecting with Inner Earth and the Core…. For we have anchored the Golden Light within the Core over lighting with the Diamond Frequency and Codes in order to raise consciousness once more.

The Fires of the Great Central Sun have been upgraded to the Diamond Frequency to assist with the Healing and Transmutation and connecting this beautiful energy to the grids templates vortices and chakras upon your Earth.

For dear Children of the Sun, let it be known upon you all that I am with you all at this time… For so much Love and Abundance comes forth to you all in this hour.

Many of you will see visions upon this hour as we are unfolding you. Take note of these visions for they are there for your healing, for your evolvement and for the work that you must do upon the paths ahead.

For I AM Mother Mary and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio