Love is our new reality

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Archangel Uriel via Jahn J Kassl, July 31st, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Beloved humans of the one, eternal, infinite and omnipresent God! We are one and I am amongst you!


It’s time to experience profound changes. It is time for the inner and outer transformation of mankind and the world.

What I’ve come to reveal to you is: The divine light is breaking through on all levels! Nothing can hide from it any longer. Everything comes to light and to the surface.

● Now the predicted time has come when the half-hearted are spewed.

● Now the days are here when you can take huge steps towards enlightenment!

● Now the Kingdom of Heaven spreads in your hearts and on earth.

These times demand only one thing of you: the courage to give up habits and to open your heart for the new.


A certain degree of “readiness to take risks” is now necessary so that you can live up to the challenges that the ongoing transformational processes confront you with. Anyone who stays rigid and doesn’t resonate with the current energy of light is facing the scenario of getting left behind and straying from the path of light.

The high frequencies of light – it is God’s light from the CENTRAL SUN – are altering your own energy vibration; it is elevated until you have reached the point needed in these days.

Whoever shuts themselves off from this will suffer mentally, spiritually and physically and won’t be able to follow the shift to come on earth.

Therefore I invite you to open your hearts to the possibilities that this elevation of energy is offering. Then you have all the requirements to resonate with time, and you don’t have to fight it anymore.

Ascension into the light of the fifth dimension is the key issue for those who have reached the end of their journey on earth. This refers to you who is listening to this message.


Matter of fact is that it is not about reaching the 5th dimension but reaching a superior level of being. For that it is necessary to understand that all of the different “levels” of being consist of an endless amount of “sublevels”. These “octaves” and “sub-octaves” vary in frequency and light available.

This means, there is an endless amount of 3D-, 4D- and 5D-worlds – and it is a great achievement whenever a human being can call a higher level of the 4th dimension his new home.

This means, please let go of your fixations regarding the 5th dimension – because ANY ascension, meaning the return of a human being to a higher level, is a great “success” for a human.

Knowing this is very valuable in order to escape the “ascension stress”. Because just like some have come to feel “ascension fatigue”, others suffer from “ascension stress”.

Neither is conducive to one’s own development. Know this: Even master Jesus once came to earth from the highest vibrational level of the 4th dimension, and only afterwards entered the realms beyond space and time of the 5th dimension.

Grow and develop without stress – but be consistent. Take the necessary transformational steps. Avoid long breaks, but do take breaks, and be prepared to take more risks.

Contradictory? Only at first glance. This “riddle” is a little exercise for your next meditation.


Today the Creator has called humanity back into the light. This ascension can only be embarked upon without safety rope and mastered without safety net. Heaven is providing everything to enable humans to find their way and stay on track.

This is demanded of you: a bit more courage to dare the unknown without throwing all hitherto existing overboard!

Too many cling to the old. They hold on tight to what seems safe and secure without realizing that what is needed today is to let go of exactly that! Not everything at once, but one supposed safety net at a time. In return, God appears in your life and everything changes.

No stone is left unturned in this world. So then how can a human being stay the same inside?

Your ascension is happening, and the lighter you get, the higher the dimension you will enter into after this life.

I am telling you: Not only the 5th dimension is light. There are light 3D-realms and light 4D-realms. Your goal after this life on earth should be to return into a higher realm – not to the realm you came from before descending to earth.

This is absolutely tangible now for every human being – it is possible for everyone how doesn’t through away their talents.

Anyone who wants to leave this world as a better and lighter human being has understood what the ascension process is all about.

Relax and give yourself into the hands of God.

Proceed! Step by step, no haste, no rush – but proceed.

It is revealed to you: Light breaks through on all levels!

I love you endlessly.