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Are Coastal Areas Destined to Go Under Water? January 26, 2018 By Steve Beckow

Are Coastal Areas Destined to Go Under Water?
January 26, 2018 By Steve Beckow

Credit: 2012. No catastrophes like these are going to happen
I understand that a popular commentator said on a radio program two nights ago that there would be tremendous flooding, resulting in the loss of significant portions of coastline.

May I address that please? It isn’t consistent with what our sources have said. Let me briefly offer their comments.

But before I do, this information doesn’t apply to localized flooding as a result of a hurricane, of which we’ve had numerous instances in past years and may continue to have them. It refers to rising sea levels and the permanent swamping of an entire piece of coastline.

First, Matthew Ward in 2016:

“First, with climate change a topic of global discussion, there is talk about the seas covering islands and inundating coastal areas up to mountain ranges and people by the millions being drowned. That will not happen—Earth is not going to endanger the lives of her beloved residents during her return to a moderate climate globally.

“As polar ice and glaciers continue melting, water levels will continue to rise slowly and in small measure overall, and residents of potentially affected areas—sea-level islands, parts of continental coastlines, banks of your largest rivers, and low-lying countries—will have plenty of time to take any necessary preventive action or relocate.” (1)

Eight years earlier he counselled us:

“I shall say only that … the cleansing process will NOT flood millions of square miles of land and cause billions of deaths; there will be NO need for spacecraft to rescue you just before your planet upends itself or to live underground when you are returned; the millions who speak against US administration policies will NOT be rounded up and put in prison camps; NO manmade viruses will be unleashed and cause most of your population to die; there is NO need to invest billions of dollars in gold so economic and governmental reforms can begin.

“I may be forgetting some of the discouraging or fearful-sounding situations in reports that swirl around the Internet, die down for a while and then flare up again. We urge you, PLEASE do not give even an iota of your energy to fear! Yes, physical bodies will continue to die from all the causes occurring now and the souls will continue their evolution in spirit, but fear has NO part whatsoever in this eternal cycle of life!” (2)

Now Archangel Michael in a personal reading in 2012:

Steve Beckow: Is there going to be seismic upheaval and swamping of coastal areas?

Archangel Michael: No.

SB: All right.

AAM: There will be some seismic movement. That is a daily occurrence. There are always floodings of coastal areas given seasonal variations. But it is not in the level or the disaster scenario that this, this sweet man, by the way, is believing. Gaia is taking care of her own. (3)

Before turning to what Gaia herself has said, I’d like to look at the testimony of a galactic whom Matthew named “Lazarus,” that our star brothers and sisters calm the storms, relieve subterranean pressure, and redistribute the energy of tsunamis:

“We are not warriors, we are more engineering minds. Our energy has been helping to stabilize the planet and hold steady its orbit through areas where other heavenly bodies could seriously affect orbiting stability. We harness, or level out, the effects of what you call ‘natural disasters’ to prevent the widespread destruction that otherwise would occur.

“We withdraw force from the energy fomenting beneath the surface that would produce volcanic eruptions of such magnitude they would blow up entire mountains and destroy surrounding towns. We stabilize fault lines so earthquakes are less severe – they still release energy, but do not destroy the vast areas they could without our softening interference.

“We quiet the seas and temper the wind forces so you don’t have the extent of hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes and flooded coastal areas that you would if we did not do this. We alter the course of celestial fragments within impact distance of Earth. We keep a rhythm going that is required of all your life forces. Are these examples clear as to our cleansing participation?” (4)

We recently had a 7.9 Alaskan earthquake and no tsunami resulting from it, as we might expect. I wonder if Lazarus’ colleagues smoothed out the energy.

Finally, Gaia herself spoke to Geoffrey West through Linda Dillon on An Hour with an Angel and assured us:

“Atlantis will rise again. This has always been part of the plan and part of the restoration, but it will not be in devastation. It will not be in the flooding of continents, for why would I trade one for the other? I do not find that necessary or desirable, and neither does the Mother, and neither do the realms that we work with.

“You say, ‘Well, will there be hurricanes, tsunamis? Will there be earthquakes?’ Yes. This is part of adjusting our grid, yours and ours. Think of it, dear heart: you are having small quakes within your body all the time, and so am I. Your question of late has been to me, ‘Will I survive?’ We have not come this far together, your star brothers and sisters have not come this far, to simply witness devastation. We will not only survive; I will shelter you, I will lift you up, I will keep you close.” (5)

We have our sources’ assurance and galactic reports on their calming work.

Someone might say: Do you have more current statements? I’m not sure we need them, do we? Matthew and Michael say there will be no massive loss of coastline (period). I don’t imagine statements like these change from year to year.


(1) Matthew’s Message, May 19, 2016, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, Feb. 24, 2008. On another occasion he remarked definitively:

“Since my mother is still receiving emails from people who are alarmed about those reports of worldwide evacuation plans as well as various prophesied types of dire happenings like the imminent imposition of martial law, millions will be rounded up and put in concentration camps, belligerent ETs will invade your planet, and all-out nuclear wars brewing, I think there cannot be too much emphasis upon discernment and intuition.

“Furthermore, our repeated assurances that NONE of those will befall you seem to fly out the window each time a fear-filled report makes the Internet rounds. The light will not permit any such reversal in its ever-increasing intensity, and Earth did not endure many, many centuries of the tyranny and bloodshed that caused all the negativity, just to have her current beloved inhabitants experience more of it!” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 24, 2008.)

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 25, 2012.

(4) Lazarus in Matthew’s Message, Aug. 20, 2009. “What you call ‘natural disasters’” may sometimes be manmade as with weather warfare and may also be manmade in the sense that our negative thoughtforms need to be released.

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