Arthur of Lemurian Times via Karen Vivenzio, June 12, 2019


Arthur of Lemurian Times via Karen Vivenzio

Holy Children of the infinite heart and mind – we are filling your souls full with your own divine white light and let us be clear, you are divine beacons of love and light that were meant to speak out and lead and shine your lights on the whole of the 3rd dimension and the leaders of the path of transformation and resurrection – for the world that is to come is one in which you feel equally at peace and at home and well rested from the journey that appears as if it has taken so long. But beware, dearest children of light, you may have to walk through some very dark times, you may have to bear witness to all that has transpired, for it is the collective consciousness that is now rising and you must be strong to deliver yourselves from the bad news that is about to be let loose. It is all the debris and waste of good fortune that will be laid before you, and as awful and low vibration as it is, the truth will set you free – moving from separation into unity. For all the hardened hearts around the world will bear witness to this truth and in themselves the love that has been well hidden will be broken loose and rising up to the surface where the love in their hearts will join with yours and all that is hidden will be no more. You are freed to explore the love you seek, the dimensional shift of which we speak.

When all are united, humanity in the kindest fashion, that is when we will return in human form, to stand before you and embrace you – for though you know we are here and you feel us and sense us, we see there is still doubt – for we are as real as you allow us to be. Figments of your imagination – that is merely your blockage between the dimensions. Welcome in your visions of light. Welcome in the changing tides. For the energy waves that are coming to you now are the waves of light and love that will carry you high above the seas of unrest and into the wellness you do expect. For in the nights to come you will see many stars in the skies and know this, dear ones, we are among you as you fly into the magic of your own inner light – during the dream time among the stars at night – you will fly and you will see the dimensional divide and you will rise up into the higher realms to be counseled and protected, shoring up your energy for the flight back home, back to the lower dimensions to be of service and then to rest in the higher realms.

For all souls at this station, we are one in one nation – forever holding hands with the Creator, the beacon of love that shines from above and we embrace you as one, for we are all united in heart and mind, and we are too rising above in infinite oneness and infinite light.

Embracing you all with the new energies of light – sharing our thoughts during the dream time. Helping and healing the sacred scribes, energizing and enlivening the awakening minds. For we are your future come to life – you are all deserving of the blessing times and we are bringing that awareness to your hearts and minds.

Rest in the knowing that you are sublime, you are the creators – come back to light/life. Allow yourselves the freedom to flow from the knowledge deep inside and embrace these higher forms of light that are seeping into your hearts tonight. Allow the embrace of your blessed Mother Divine and all of the forms she appears to you in your life. For She is the harbinger of the Blessing Times and She is calling you all back into the higher realms tonight – for rest, rejuvenation, peacefully you reside next to her and above the rising tides.

For protection and love – peace be with you my friends, for I AM Arthur of Legend, Speaking from the higher dimensions – walk with me into the labyrinth of hope – all will begin to make sense if you just let go and allow the tide that is rising within you – the part of you that seeks out truth – to wash over you and through you cleansing your soul, bringing new meaning to all that you think you already know.

For now, we bid you adieau – the Legions of Light rising inside of You.

Of the legends and masters and guides you have been told many stories and many untruths, it is time to open and awaken to the magic within you. The fairy tales have been just that, tools to awaken within you the magic of the mystery that is about to unfold. The legends and myths of days long past and yet they are still occurring as the spiral of time never ends, it simply winds its way back again dear friends. And soon you will meet your higher selves, welcoming you in from the higher realms, where magic and light dance with your souls tonight and all that has passed will reside no more, for we have returned to help even the score, balancing the scales between hearts and desire, allowing the healing of all that divides and sealing the fates of those who rise into one heart and one infinite stream of never ending love and peace of mind.

Blessings dearest children of light – I AM the beacon of hope and you are dearest friends of mine. I AM Arthur of the Lemurian Times.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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