The Light Beings of the Star Betelgeuse, June 5, 2019

 06/05/2019 The Light Beings of the Star Betelgeuse 

“We greet you. In a period of time that brings about changes you recognize your space. It is your realm that is now changing. It changes with you to correspond to the oneness that is now in demand in your energy. 

Everywhere you see structures that no longer fit and change. If you want to flow with the energies of light, surrender to the flow and recognize your part in it. You receive guidance that shows when you concentrate on your divine self and trust the divine flow. Blessing surrounds you. Recognize the beauty around you and enjoy it. Consciously connect with all that is. 

Your place now is the earth region and it needs your support and your love. What can you contribute? Honour your love and your being. Enlighten your surroundings and move with the currents that show you the direction in which you can best serve. Recognize the signs. Every new day is full of signals, messages and encouragements. The light that you feel is the light of the “new dawn”. Now it is time to pause for a moment to see what divine mission you have chosen. Follow your intuition. 

It needs people with courage who can express themselves. They are the pioneers in a changing world. Aspects of light which we present to you pave the way. Perhaps not today and not tomorrow. But you recognize them by the flow of energies and the play of lightness. We welcome every change that shows itself inside and outside of you. Betelgeuse – the star of bright light – is present. So we are in your dreams. 

Be blessed, you wonderful aspect of the whole.“ 

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