Love is our new reality

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Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, January 24th, 2019

Ascended Dragon Collective (1/24/19) | Galaxygirl

Ascended Dragon Collective 1/24/2019

Greetings humanity, we are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We have been observing your kind for a long time, and we have partnered with you many times in the past. It is true that we are close by, for many of us have returned to watch the show, to assist and to lend our strength and wisdom.

We see many of you are feeling the distractions of change. We see your bodies morphing into more light. We see the universe conspiring to assist you in every which way. We see your manifestations increasing in strength and we see your powers coming online. You do see and feel these changes many of you. Many of you hare having / experiencing upper respiratory symptoms as these energies remove the blockages that have long been set. It is time to allow these energies to move freely through you and to become newly aligned for the Mother waits not much longer. We see with the golden eyes of Source light. We see you as friends, allies, partners of days gone by. We see humanity’s long seclusion and dark night of the soul ending rapidly, dissolving into light and newness of spirit. We see Gaia, your planetary mother, exploding into joy of newness of possibilities. We see many things. But it is you who must see and accept and allow these changes into your realm of possibility. For all good things are now possible, for the dark is dissolving into the light, roaring away as it does so (eye rolling) but doing so none the less.

No more “can’ts,” human. The time for “can’t” is over. You are a new being, those of you who are reading these words of fiery endcodements, of light, of possibility. For our words are full of love for our awakened human friends. We wonder how long the others will remain asleep. We watch, we wait, we observe with patient eyes who have seen much. Such it was on our world, our realm as the ascension shake up began. And the awakened were continually surprised, until they understood and accepted that we are all on our own path, our own journey. Your journey is not their journey. Your experiences are not their experiences, nor your contracts their contracts. So in that light why should you awaken at the same time? It is a marvelous chance to expand into patience, to practice patience and love. There. Enough of that. For many of you have been struggling with this just as we have. What this means human, is that you are all going to experience this shift of the ages very differently. And so we suggest you keep your vibrations high, very high, and be in joy, for it will help you with riding the wave of these massive influxes of energies that are bombarding your planetary realm with ferocity of change.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We are ancient, we are wise, as are you, human. As are you. We are here to tell you you can do it, but we think you already know that you can, which is half the battle. The other half is allowing your greatness fully into you and expanding into light and love. And in so doing, the darkness hasn’t a chance but to be transformed by you. Blast the fire, blast the flame, serving in the Mother’s name. We dragons fly high, fast and free. We suggest you awakened humans do the same for it is a glorious rush of joy to find your powers and to wield them in service to the Mother, to the All, to the light. Be the light. Be the love. Be the best you that you can possibly be. Allow the energy encodements of the Christed light in. Invite them into you and enjoy the massive changes of goodness coming your way. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective.

~ galaxygirl