Love is our new reality

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Ashira and Obeedi-chya via Susan Sammarco, September 30


I am “Ashira”. We have a special guest this day. “Obeedi-chya” will be visiting and I will be visiting afterwards during the questions and at the closing comment. Prepare yourself for this one who comes.




I am “Obeedi-chya”. I am the nine foot handsome boy standing on my tail black and white (personified as a Orca whale) as is your pleasure. It is a great day to come and visit with you. Several of you have questions for me. Several of you have called upon me. One of these is Miss Diana. Please share my message with her this day.

You are all a twitter about the exciting things that are happening to you. It is a wonderful day to be able to share with you. Not only all of that which is occurring on the planet but to all of that which is happening to us and all of the rest of the universe. These are exciting times that we share.

We come to talk about those things that you normally do not mention in these groups. We talk to you about “Mer-People”, lives which many of you have experienced. We speak to you of the lives you have spent in “Elemental” forms. We speak to you who have shared lives as whales and porpoises, bodies such as ours.

All of these are part of the unity of the planet. All of these are part of what make the planet work with “Mother Gaia”. All of these are part of the unity about which you are learning and you will learn more.

The animals in your home are your guides. The animals in your homes are showing you the way. Those of you who feel accustomed to porpoises and whales, many of you have expressed life in these bodies. Many of you have had lives where you hunted down and killed us. But those times are going to be no longer. We are excited about that!

We are excited about all that is coming for all of us will be speaking the same language. All of us will be speaking the language of love and acceptance. We know how excited your guides have been the last two years that you have been coming together. We know how excited you are for what is about to happen. We know that you have been led to this door.

We have been of help when those things that are done in preparation. We have talked about the preparation of not eating your brothers and your sisters any longer. Some of you are there. Some of you are still in the process. That is perfectly acceptable.

I envelope you with our love. With all of our existences together. And we know that as you walk through the doors of the dimensional shifts at first it will not seem like much but the days that follow will help you for sure for what is coming for you have been prepared.

We wish to share with you that those who are of the “Mer” folks, they are eager to accept you, to hold you and to share with you again. There is an immense civilization under the sea that has been held from you. It is not of the dark. It is of the light. We all are eager to call you brothers and sisters.

So, this was but a stop in the day to encourage you in the most wonderful way to continue walking forward. Work through your sides of grief. Work through your sides of negativity. Work through all of these so when the moment comes and you feel this “Wave” be in grace, be in forgiveness, be in love. You will be exactly where you need to be.

I am going to close today. I will not come through this one again but I will give my answer to any questions to “Ashira”. We all look to see you again, soon, after the veil has lifted and we are once again one. Blessings.