Ashira via Susan Sammarco, July 12


July 12, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco

I am Ashira and I am bringing this experience to you today as well as bringing you a brief message before the questions and answers with “One Who Serves”.

There has been much wisdom spoken today in the discussions that have taken place. Much wisdom and each of you is probably feeling the same inclination to be reducing the amounts of things you read and reducing the amount of things you listen to and see. To be more respectful of your bodies, more respectful of your minds and more respectful of your spirits.

As energy continues to rise upon the planet, every person takes it in and processes it differently, do they not? As they take this energy in they experience and express it in different ways. There are those that express it in their 3D world speaking as ones who “know”. And yet, in your own discernment you “feel” that these people are not of the highest but are speaking of what they know and what they see from their perspective.

If one thinks that there are only a small percentage of those upon the planets that actually understand, see and know through the Awakening process what is happening. All others are experiencing this in various ways and dimensions.

Sometimes, any one person upon this planet may be in a higher dimension. They may be in longer periods of song, dance and celebration. Those who have not had as much time in the higher dimensions may not be as far along in the Awakening process and pulled back into the 3D experience more quickly than you may be.

For those that we speak to each week, through writing, through word and through the sounds of our voices are those who are moving into the higher dimensions for longer periods of time. Playing in those. Experiencing those. Those in this room, those on the phone, those who read these words can sense more quickly when someone is coming from a different perspective than what you would resonate to.

We know this is taking longer than you expected. It is taking longer than WE who have been planning this and working on this expected because the consciousness on the planet took turns that we did not see. Those that we have been actively planning games against, that we wish to take out of power, they have done their deeds too in ways we did not expect. But that does not mean that we have not continued the celebration. That does not mean that you are not closer to your celebration than you would know.

So we bring you that love today. The love and the sharing so that all of those things that you expect and that you feel and that you see and that you “know”, those are yours! As much as you can free yourself of those things that bring you back into the 3D perspective. For every time you can consciously do this it will bring you into the realms where you can make the world into what you choose to make the world into. You will be reminded of the strength and the power that you are and you will come to believe more and more in believing to see first!

We give you our thanks. We know that you are “keeping on” and we know that every time we meet with you we know that things are different each week, each day and evermore each month.

We will step aside now to allow the “Ones Who Serves” to come through to share with you today. Thank you and we will be together at the end. Blessings.